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Heartland RVs Extra | Universal Docking Center in Sundance Campers

April 3rd, 2014 by nate | Posted in Fifth Wheels, Heartland, Product News, Sundance | No Comments »

Heartland invented the UDC which has now become a standard in most fifth wheels today! One of the biggest advantages to the UDC is the convenience of having everything in a prime location. Lets take a look at what the UDC holds.

1. Fresh Water Connection

Conveniently concealed inside instead of protruding out, on the side of your camper.

2. Black Tank Flush System

Makes it easier to flush out your black tank! No dragging your water hose inside your camper

3. City Water Hook-Up

The UDC helps manage water lines to reduce clutter. Having everything in one place is a huge convenience.

4. Satellite/Phone/Shielded RG-6

Coaxial Cable Hook-Ups To Interior

Quick and easy cable hook-ups so you can get to camping quicker.

5. Exterior Shower

Great outside hot/cold shower that can be used to wash anything from muddy boots to dirty pets.

6. All Tanks Pull Handles

Makes draining your tanks easy with all your pull handles located in one central location.

7. 12V Light

Lights up the area to make set up easier.

8. Fully Enclosed and Fiberglass Lined.

Heartland invented the U.D.C and has been making it better ever since. Fully enclosed and fiberglass lined the UDC is protected from the elements.

As you can tell Heartland really does provide you with an “Advantage” when you camp in one of their trailers. The UDC is just one of the many things Heartland has to offer. Take a look at a Sundance brochure to learn more about the Heartland Advantage.

Get all the details on the Sundance family at

Sundance Fifth Wheels

Sundance XLT

Sundance Travel Trailers

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Keytone RV Extra | New Bullet Floorplans Driving 2014 RV Sales

April 1st, 2014 by intern | Posted in Bullet, Keystone, Premier Bullet, Product News, Travel Trailers | No Comments »

pRV info Blog Contributor’s Note: As Keystone RV is making waves with great new floorplans for the Bullet brand for 2014, they didn’t stop short for the Bullet Premier brand. The Bullet Premier 32BHPR has been getting as much praise as the Bullet 298BHS as well. The Bullet Premier 32BHPR is plain and simple.  The floor plan can sleep up to 10 people with two double bunks, sleeper sofa, drop down booth dinette, and walk around queen bed.  Speaking of the sofa: There’s no more dealing with a blow up air mattress, especially with Premier’s visionary sofa memory foam sleeper. Kids will never grow out of the double-sized corner bunks. And the chef will never grow out of the fully equipped outdoor kitchen, which comes with a sink, fridge, 2 burner range, and storage.  Even with all amenities packed into the Bullet Premier 32BHPR, it weighs in at 6180 pounds.

Originally posted on Keystone RV Company News:

Following a year that saw market share increase by 16.4%, according to Statistical Surveys, Inc., Keystone Bullet and Bullet Premier are experiencing additional growth during the first three months of 2013. Two new floorplans in particular, the Bullet 298BHS and the Premier 32BHPR, are drawing retail show crowds along with significant sales.  According to product manager Brian Hyde,  the Bullet 298BHShas been a real show stopper.

“Weighing in at 5700 pounds, it is easily half-ton and full-size SUV towable yet offers an incredible amount of sleeping capacity accommodating up to 10 children and adults,” states Hyde.  “The rear ‘play-room’ comes complete with a dinette, bunk beds, and tri-fold sofa.”   Throughout the trailer you will see Bullet styling clues such as Williamsburg furniture and leather sofa accented with ‘baseball’ stitching.   Adds Hyde, “Luxury styling with no sacrifice to weight and cost have been Bullet hallmarks.”

Another hot floor plan is the Premier 32BHPR The entertainment center literally occupies one full wall of the coach and features a 46-inch LCD TV, multi-function electronics, 10 storage compartments, and smoked-glass mullion cabinet doors.  Like all Bullet Premiers, the interior is highlighted with upgraded Williamsburg furniture, 7-foot tall arched ceilings, and 8-cubic foot refrigerators.  The gel-coat color-infused front cap, frameless windows and outdoor kitchen on the 32BHPR are definite attention grabbers.

Hyde attributes Bullet’s growing success to the unique position the brand has staked out in the marketplace. “From the day we launched Bullet four years ago we have focused on delivering ultra lite towability combined with eye-catching appearance and generous accommodations.   The Bullet 298BHS and Premier 32BHPR illustrate our focus on livability and style and customers have responded.  Best of all, we are not done yet!”

Learn all about Bullet and Bullet Premier Travel Trailers

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2014 Sunset Trail Reserve Travel Trailers Features Video | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

April 1st, 2014 by josh | Posted in Crossroads, Pete's RV Video pReView, Product News, RV Buyer Tips, Sunset Trail, Travel Trailers | No Comments »

Discover simple, yet obvious deep convictions in the way each Sunset Trail Reserve travel trailer is thoughtfully designed by Crossroads RV. Contemporary styling and packed with features like LCD TV’s, outside entertainment centers, solid surface counter tops, spacious rooms and many more amenities bring the home into camping.

Pete’s RV Lifestyle Consultant Chad Shepard and Resident RV expert Randy Murray provide a pass through on a Sunset Trail Reserve travel trailer (a 28BH to be exact). It is available for viewing on the Pete’s RV YouTube Channel.

Chad and Randy highlight interior construction and convenience features found in the Sunset Trail Reserve travel trailer such as:

  • Lightweight Towing With Sturdy All-Side Aluminum Framed Construction
  • Plywood Flooring & 40-Inch Slideouts
  • Electric Tongue & Stabilizer Jacks
  • Island Kitchen Floorplans with Solid Surface Countertops and Undermount Sinks
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Music/DVD Player
  • Blue LED Lighting in Front Cap and Awning

Some additional features that are clearly worth mentioning:

  • Leather Style Furniture Available in 3 Shades
  • Electric Fireplace with Bedroom Swivel
  • Large Size 8 Cu Ft. Refrigerator
  • Floorplans with Outdoor Cook Stations
  • Free Standing Dinettes Available
  • Quick Return Gas/Electric Hot Water Heater
  • Aluminum Rims

Be sure to browse all features and specifications for Sunset Trail Reserve travel trailer floorplans at!

Video Transcript for “2014 Sunset Trail Reserve Travel Trailer Features (Part 1 of 2)”

Chad:    Hey, welcome to Pete’s RV TV today. The brand new Sunset Trail Reserve on this one here. (Claps) this is our high-end travel trailer that we carry at Pete’s RV Center or any lot, any dealership. The Sunset Trail is a high-end travel trailer, (knocks) fiberglass caps on the front, solid-surface countertops on the inside. It’s a wonderful unit. I’ve got a friend of mine, his name is (claps) Randy Murray. He’s going to take us through this trailer from top to bottom and show you why this may be the right unit for you and your family.

You can immediately see the beauty of the inside of this Sunset Trail Reserve. -This is Randy Murray, (claps) and Randy knows …

Randy:    (Claps)

Chad:    … about RVs than anybody I know. But the Sunset Trail is a lightweight product as well. A lot of people don’t realize it. This is a 28BH model and this has a lot of cool features on the inside. It’s been one of our best-selling unit, but they make about 30 different floor plans in this brand as well. So let’s just go over some of the features that kind of go across the board on the Sunset Trail Reserve.

Randy:    Great features all the way around and so many of them. We- … I mean it would be an hour-and-a-half long video if we went through them all. First of all, construction, I-beam frame, spread axles on the sky. We’ve got plywood floor, just what we want to see, laminated walls, all aluminum studding through, great art ceiling, going to keep our water pummeling off. So everything that you want to see in a quality-built travel trailer, we’ve got it here. We’re using lightweight slide mechanisms on the sky rather than the rack and pinion stuff, so it’s going to be half-ton truck towable. Not everybody has a 3-quarter ton at one time, you know, I don’t. Yeah, you do, but anyway I don’t. So, great weight on this guy as well.

Chad:    So at 66 hundred pounds in this model, self-service countertops are going to cross the board on the Sunset Trail Reserve. Stainless steel sinks on this. As you can see there are 2 sides. (Clunking sounds) it’s not just one bowl. We got the nice, tall spout on it as well …

Randy:    Those are going to wear very well and if you put something hot in there, grease or whatever, it’s not going to melt through the sink. I really like the stainless and I’d like to point that out.

Chad:    This is kind of cool too. We’ve got a different tele- … this is, has a new tone to the ceiling on it. It’s really sharp in here. It looks great. We’ve also got a skylight above this area. It lets in extra light as well. Let’s talk about the ceiling. Let’s talk about the air conditioning system in this, Randy.

Randy:    Air conditioning is going to be all ducted through here in black accents. I mean just really kind of cool. They’ve separated themselves from a lot of the other guys out there. I really like to see it. Quick cool option on this guy. One of the really things that sets it aside for me from all the other stuff that we see out there in the RV dealer’s garage, these are adjustable and we can turn them so [crosstalk 00:02:22] …

Chad:    You know, it’s got central air conditioning in it?

Randy:    Absolutely, so if I’m sitting right there and I got that, I’ve got air blowing on me, so great way to do it; ducted all the way through. We can have doors closed and still have air conditioning in every room.

Chad:    Yeah. On all Sunset Trails we’re using 8 cubic foot fridges, so this is the bigger fridge. We’ve got the 4 doors …

Randy:    And that’s going to be …

Chad:    … We have 4 shelves as well …

Randy:    … 2 feet larger than what your standard fridge is …

Chad:    A little …

Randy:    … so that’s a lot of extra room. That’s a whole …

Randy:    … extra shelf.

Chad:    (Clears throat) a lot of them are 6 cubic foot …

Randy:    Exactly, right …

Chad:    … instead of the 8 cubic foot. The drawers on this, we pull them all the way out. It’s finished wood. They’ve got roller bearing sliders on this drawer. It holds 30 pounds of weight, the finished drawer. (Shuts drawer)

Randy:    I counted them before we started the video while we were waiting for Josh, 19 doors and drawers just in this area right here so if you’re looking for storage, you’re not going to be looking for it very hard.

Chad:    Yep, that’s a good, a good point here. Big adjustable shelving back here and drawers here, (opens drawer) I mean, a ton of them …

Randy:    Pantry area here … Just this, there’s so much this brings to the table and that’s why it’s been our number-one seller for all of last year.

Chad:    Forty-inch slides on this so we’ve got … This is the biggest dinette I’ve ever seen in an RV. I mean you can sit in here, and we’ve also got this solid piece …

Randy:    Solid surface there …

Chad:    … solid surface countertop. I mean, I can even kick back in here. This is a dif- … What’s the interior color of this one right here …?

Randy:    This one here is going to be …

Chad:    Cinnabar?

Randy:   Cinnabar. You’re absolutely right.

Chad:    Yep.

Randy:    Nice and easy to keep clean.

Chad:    They make it in 3 different colors. You can do … This is the middle. They make this in a darker shade and a lighter shade as well.

Randy:    They do.

Chad:    Yeah, and it’s got plenty of room in here. Cloth blinds in all the windows and they run the valance all the way down and that keeps it from getting bent up. It keeps the sl- …

Randy:    Kee- … It protects our strings. Strings is what hold these cross shades up and down and if we knock them or anything like that we can potentially damage the shades, so having that valance on there is a great way to do it. [00:04:00] We can also flip these cushions around.

Chad:    Yep.

Randy:    If you had a dirty or wet bathing suits or wet bathing suits or what have you … (slides drawer out) more storage. I mean that, this is just great. We can put some heavier items in here for travelling down the road, (slides drawer in) (shuts cabinet door) just a great way to do it. Linoleum, as Josh has panned down here through the whole entire traffic patterns. Nice and easy to keep the floor clean on this guy.

Chad:    Yep. These bunks right here, the top one holds 300 pounds. The bottom one holds 300 pounds as well and it comes all the way over so those are wide bunk, adult-size bunks. (Clears throat)

Randy:    They are, each with their own light, each with their own shelf, each with their own outlet.

Chad:    [Inaudible 00:04:31] …

Randy:    Own window as well.

Chad:    Another storage underneath here, got another bin in here as well. I mean there’s a ton of room in there (shuts drawer and cabinet) …

Randy:    They d- … They don’t miss anything.

Chad:    (Opens door) 28 foot BH so a ton of room in here. This has the opposing sides. That’s how we get the island, 2 slides and 66 hundred pounds in this one.

Randy:    (Knocks) porcelain toilet, no plastic here …

Chad:    (Clears throat)

Randy:    … foot flush, porcelain is nice. Plastic is going to hold an odor as it starts to get some age on it. It gets a little bit of porous. We can’t get it clean. This is just like at home. We can clean it.

Chad:    Yeah.

Randy:    No odor. (Slides door) I love this, flexible. As (laughs) I’m getting older I’m getting a little larger. I need a little bit more room inside. This is going to allow me to do it where some of the other ones do not, so … and again, a bathroom that we can turn around and change in. We even … Josh probably can’t see it with the camera, but we got an exterior door here so we can come into the bathroom area.

Chad:    This particular trailer actually has a door for the bathroom as well, so a lot of cool features on this and then everybody you’re going to get … everything here has been upgraded. Well I want to catch some cool stuff on the outside. This has got a lot of great features; outside kitchen we’ve got that cap on the front that we talked about, electric stabilizers. I just want to show the guys the front bedroom in this because this has a fireplace [crosstalk 00:05:34] …

Randy:    It does, have Josh have the camera up over here so you can show everything great on that end of the trailer.

Chad:    Yep. I’ll meet you outside in just a minute.

Randy:    Sounds good, buddy.

Chad:    This is kind of the sizzle of the Sunset Trail. We’ve got the TV that spin around here into the master bedroom as well. Check this out, the fireplace. Not a real fireplace, but it spins around. It puts out heat, up to 12 hundred BTUs, so on a 50-degree day if you want to run this to take the cool out of the camper instead of using your propane furnace you can do that. No problem at all, and plus it spins in the front master bedroom [00:06:00] as well. It’s got a DVD and a CD player up here so we put our DVD in; it’ll play on the TV here. Surround sound through the ceiling. You can see our speakers. We also have speakers outside so we can definitely annoy our neighbor. You’ll be the hit of the campground.

Up front here, the Sunset Trail uses an 80-inch bed. It’s one of the few in the industry that uses a full-size household queen. A lot of them are only 74. We got 80-inch cabinetry all the way around, and this is where you can really see the arch to the roof. You see this cabinet up here? It shows you the arch to the roof and we talked about that water runoff, (claps) higher quality units. It allows us to put a bigger TV in here by having that extra height, so let’s go outside. We’ll catch up with Randy and show you all the cool features on the outside.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

Video Transcript for “2014 Sunset Trail Reserve Travel Trailer Features (Part 2 of 2)”

Chad:    The outside’s just as beautiful as the inside without a doubt here. We got a one-piece fiberglass cap on the front. You can see how it’s a one-piece cap and they roll the seam over to the side so when we’re driving down the road, number one, it’s more aerodynamic and number two, we don’t have to worry about any leaks or anything caused by water penetrating while you’re driving down (claps) the road. Electric tongue jack on the front here with a cool, LED light strip, and don’t forget our two propane tanks with an automatic changeover just to start the hookup lights, so if you want to hook up at night, easy. It’s well lit. You can put your weight-distribution hitches on as well. We move over across here, Randy, just tell us a little bit about the framing. I can see some of the framing on that storage compartment.

Randy:    Again, by it … we talked about inside all aluminum throughout here in the … and the compartments are framed out as well where some of the manufacturers will just run framing and kind of cut doors and windows haphazardly. Really important to frame them out because that’s how we seal them. Nice to see the aluminum frame all the way around it. Nice, large door, insulated door. We can fit chairs through there; linoleum all the way through as well.

Chad:    Yep. Electric stabilizers also …

Randy:    Electric stabilizers front and back. It’s as easy as touch a button. You get this guy leveled, run those stabilizer jacks down and you’re going to be good and there’s no cranking anything.

Chad:    Cause it’s safety glass on all the windows too …

Randy:    Absolutely …

Chad:    Keeps our fabrics looking newer longer, and plus, safety factor, (claps) you know, you get a stone chip or something like that …

Randy:    Yeah, you know, if a lawnmower or whatever breaks, it’s not going to throw glass inside the units; also going to keep the UVs down if we’re using this in a little bit hotter climate.

Chad:    Electric awning on this one as well?

Randy:    It is … with a dome.

Chad:    With a dome.

Randy:    [Crosstalk 00:01:31]

Chad:    Push a button. It goes in and out. This does have the island, island slider. You can see where it comes out a little bit here. The awning goes right over the top of it. We’ve got 3 steps going in and out.

Randy:    Large grab handle, radius door (opens door) so we don’t have to worry about that ripping our awning fabric (shuts door). Outside speakers …

Chad:    And we got [crosstalk 00:01:48] …

Randy:    … just that lit stair tread. I mean just (laughs) list goes on and on. (Laughs)

Chad:    You got it, you got … This here is fully equipped with an outside kitchen. We’re going to have to cut to show you that. Let’s take a look at that outside kitchen, it’s cool, 28 foot. We’ve got the big bunks in the rear [00:02:00] with an outside kitchen.

Randy:    Half-ton towable …

Chad:    Half-ton towable …

Randy:    Just …

Chad:    Even SUV, full-size SUVs …

Randy:    Absolutely, absolutely.

Chad:    Yeah, let’s take a look at that outside kitchen, Josh.

Randy:    So Chad, as you just mentioned before we moved the camera, there’s a … this can be towed by half tons and SUVs you threw in there. Let me tell you the reason why. Not only is the weight important when we’re looking at that, is, I don’t know if Josh can pan down here and see the spread axles. Now with our shorter wheel-based vehicles like an SUV you tend to get a little bit more sway than you would with a longer wheel-based vehicle. To alleviate that on this we have put a real good spread on the axles. They actually call it the secure stance, so by pushing those axles apart we’re putting a lot more weight on the ground. We’re pulling the, the, you know, the running gear further apart, which is going to make this thing track down the road better for us. Show them that outside kitchen.

Chad:    Yep, the full outside kitchen on this too. We’ve got a refrigerator on this side here, hot and cold water with a drain. You don’t have to dump out the water …

Randy:    (Laughs) yeah.

Chad:    Two-burner cook stove, you know, so a lot of people … they can make bigger kitchen than this. Why they go with this, what I call half-size kitchen, is we get that full bunk on the inside …

Randy:    Two bunks on this wall …

Chad:    Two bunks …

Randy:    … rather than just one. We usually get robbed with that larger kitchen.

Chad:    Yep, big … All reserves, too, come with an outside stove with a nice mount. It’s really, really nice here. Spare tire just in the … just the starter too …

Randy:    And we plugged that LP in right under the coach into the trunk line that runs through the coach and feed the kitchen on here so there’s no need to bring extra LP bottles with us.

Chad:    Yeah, we talked about those metal roller bearing sides …

Randy:    Roller bearing drawers, yep …

Chad:    … the same ones …

Randy:    … same as inside.

Chad:    Yep, so guys, in closing, Pete’s RV Center has location Indiana, Vermont. We ship to your home every day of the week. We ship 2,000 units a year. Be glad to send one your way. If you don’t ask us to give you a quote you’re going to pay too much for your next camper, so reach out to us. We’ll be glad to send you a quote, nothing guaranteed. We have to buy from us, but at least give us a shot. Chad and Randy; want to thank you for visiting us today and we’ll catch you soon on another day. Thanks for watching Pete’s RV TV.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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Pete’s RV eNewsletter | Spring Edition 2014

March 26th, 2014 by Phil | Posted in Bay Hill, Customer Feedback, Evergreen, Fifth Wheels, Indiana, Pete's News, Product News, RV Buyer Tips, RV Parts & Accessories, RV Sales, RV Service Tips, Vermont | No Comments »

Let’s be honest; for most of us around the country, it sure doesn’t feel like the first days of spring have arrived.  But subtle hints like extended daylight and mornings with birds chirping away tell us that warmer days are straight ahead.  Thank goodness!  From all of the consumer shows Pete’s RV attended this winter, we know that everybody is chomping at the bit to get the new camping season underway.

Speaking of RV shows, in this edition of the Pete’s RV eNewsletter there is plenty of news and noteworthy on what RVs stirred up the most excitement with showgoers–including the New England winner from our 55″ Flat Screen TV giveaway!

Keep warm thoughts & thanks for thinking Pete’s RV!

New England RV Showgoer TV Winner Announcement

Hundreds of entries came from the New England RV shows Pete’s RV was a presenting dealer which included: Hartford, Connecticut; Springfield, MA; Milford, NH and two events in Vermont.  And the winner is…

Congratulations to Mary C. from Suncook, New Hampshire!  She is the winner of the Samsung 55″ Flat Screen TV.

Our Midwest RV Showgoer is going to be announced shortly after the Springfield, Illinois RV Show held March 28-30.  Stay tuned to Pete’s RV on our RV Info Blog, Facebook or Google+ pages.

Manager’s Showstopper Spotlight | Bay Hill Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheel shoppers searching for a well-built and attractive RV with attention to detail and “industry-first” touches, behold Bay Hill from Evergreen RV.  Their fifth wheel received an overall outstanding response from RV showgoers.  So much so, Pete’s RV now has several new customers that are proud Bay Hill owners!

RV Lifestyle Consultants Chad Shepard and Randy Murray will knock your socks off as they walk you through the first-class features found in Bay Hill Fifth Wheels (using a 295RL for the demo).

More Must-See Showstoppers from Pete’s RV:

2014 Wildwood 31BIKS TT (Hot Island Kitchen/Bunkhouse)

2014 Cougar High Country 337FLS 5W (New Front Living Room)

2014 Prowler Lynx 30LX TT (Light Weight Quad Bunkhouse)

2014 Sundance 3400QB 5W (Huge Quad Bunkhouse)

Now On Sale (Click Any Banner Below for a Look What’s Still Available)

Customer Feedback

“The experience was awesome. I bought in Vermont and picked up my unit in Indiana. I was treated the same in both locations. Great Staff buying made simple!  I have already told 3 friends looking to buy new and spoke highly about your company.“–Stephen B. is the ecstatic owner of a 2104 Bullet Premier 31BHPR Travel Trailer

Read more feedback about Pete’s RV

RV Parts Store Spotlight | 20% Off on Pre-Season Essentials

There’s instant savings available on RVing essentials for getting your camper functioning in tip-top condition.  Everything from vent covers to popular ProtectAll is 20% off with free best way shipping on all orders over $75.00!

Right now get an instant 20% OFF on all items found in our Camping Kickoff section of the Pete’s RV Online Parts Store. $25 Discount Coupon drawing spring winner is Scott S. from St. Petersburg, FL. Congrats.

RV Q and A | Slideouts and Leveling

Question: Is it rule of thumb to keep the slideout in, level the trailer and place your chock blocks down before letting a slide room out to prevent warping its framework?

Answer: Slide rooms do not provide any support for your trailer frame.  Therefore, you do not need to be overly concerned about warping the framework should a situation arise where you need to open it before leveling the camper.

Pete’s RV Service Tips Video: The Importance of Slide Toppers

Resident RV Expert Randy Murray delivers on a crucial RV question, “What is the importance of slide toppers (aka slideout awnings)?”  When it comes to protecting the vitality and value of your RV, slideout seals found around the slide are the lifeline to the health and well-being of your camper. As Randy explains, if you compromise or damage those seals then you risk water potentially penetrating into the camper provoking damage over time.  This RV Buyer Tips video is available on Pete’s RV YouTube Channel

Liking It on Facebook

Roger is this month’s recipient of a $25 discount coupon to

Like Pete’s RV on Facebook for Special Discounts, Giveaways & Promotions

Camping Recipes | Pre-Camping Steak Marinading

The key to a great teriyaki steak is the long marinating time.  It helps tenderize the meat and lets the flavor absorbed deep into the meat.

Read the complete article with preparation suggestions for marinading steaks before your next camping trip.

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Marinade Your Steak Before Heading to the Campground

March 26th, 2014 by Phil | Posted in Camping Lifestyle | No Comments »

The key to a great teriyaki steak is the long marinating time.  It helps tenderize the meat and lets the flavor absorbed deep into the meat.

Buy your favorite steak or steak tips at the meat shop at least 24 hours before going camping.  Buy a 10 oz. bottle of Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade Sauce.  You will need a gallon-size resealable plastic food storage bag.

Place the steak into the food storage bag and pour at least half the bottle of marinade over the steak into the bag.   The bigger the steak, the more you will use.  You can’t overdo it, so the more the better!  Carefully squeeze the air out of the bag and seal it tight.  Knead the bag so the marinade thoroughly covers and saturates the steak.

If the steak is frozen let it sit on the counter long enough to defrost, or lay flat in fridge for 24 hours.  Flip the steak over every few hours and gently knead the bag until the steak is completely thawed.

The next day about an hour before grilling, take the steak out and let it reach counter temperature and cook to desired result. You can use the remainder of the marinade to pour over steak while it is grilling. Don’t be surprised if you get surprise visits from your campground neighbors.  It smells as good as it tastes…delicious!

This mouth-watering article was provided by Chuck Lunberg.  See more of what he and others are liking on the Facebook page!

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The Importance of RV Slide Toppers | RV Quick Tips

March 25th, 2014 by Phil | Posted in RV Buyer Tips, RV Parts & Accessories, RV Service Tips | No Comments »

Resident RV Expert Randy Murray delivers on a crucial RV question via Pete’s RV YouTube Channel, “What is the importance of slide toppers (aka slideout awnings)?”

When it comes to protecting the vitality and value of your RV, slideout seals found around the slide are the lifeline to the health and well-being of your camper. As Randy explains, if you compromise or damage those seals then you risk water potentially penetrating into the camper provoking damage over time.

Randy presents a prime example of just how well slide toppers can defend your camper after a weekend at the campground. Sprinkling a box full of debris on the slides to simulate a weekend of buildup, you can clearly see that everything rolls off as the slides are brought in.

A highly-affordable investment, slide toppers can save RV owners thousands of dollars in repairs!  For just a few extra dollars a month, their installation can be built right into your new RV payment plan.

Video Transcript for “How to Back Up a Camper | Pete’s RV Quick Tips”

Randy:    Hey, guys, Randy with Pete’s RV TV here again today, another quick tip segment for ya from Pete’s RV Center.  We’re in the shop today at Pete’s RV, the Vermont location. A little noisy place, very busy place this time of year, as it always is.  Today I’m gonna talk about the importance of slide toppers and how they can protect your coach, especially as you start to get some age on the coach.

A slide topper covers a slide topper, it covers a slide box, which, it keeps all the elements off the top of your slide, rain, snow, whatever, if your slide’s open in poor weather.  It keeps the sun off the top of your slide, so it’s gonna lessen the maintenance that’s needed to be done on the slide roof itself.

It could help with a potential leak on a slide box.  If you were to have a leak, when the water pouring right on this, obviously it’s gonna rear its head into the coach very quickly.  With a slide topper on here, we’re not going to have water puddling against our seals and things like that, so it’s gonna really help out with that effect as well.

As you can see, the slide topper here is gonna attach to the body of the coach, comes in the, the roller tube is on the outside of the coach.  So as we roll this in, any debris that is on the top will also fall off, and I’ll show you that in just a minute. We can also see how it keeps the roof of the slide out of the elements, another important feature, as I just mentioned.

So when we’re camping up here in the Northeast, especially state campgrounds, things like that, most campgrounds around the country, actually we’re gonna tend to be around some trees.  Pine trees are a particular favorite up here in the Northeast. So when we’re out there, we have our slides open, we’re staying for a week or so on our family vacation, sticks, pine needles, leaves and things like that are gonna come down and get on the top of the slide roof.

And when we close our slide without a slide topper, all that debris stays up on the roof unless you get up there and clean it off.  When that happens we’ve actually compromised our seal with the slide closed, we bring the unit back home, sits next to the garage for a few weeks until we get to go back out on our outing, with a compromised [02:00] seal, we’re gonna see some water on the floor.

So let’s take a look up on the roof, and we’ll show you how this kinda works. Okay, so here we are up on the roof of the unit with the slide topper on it, and,  We re-situated Josh so you can see the top of the slide topper, and you can see that no real portion of the top of the slide’s exposed. The slide topper is covering everything, which is what we want.

So right now what I’m gonna simulate what would happen if you’re camping up here in the Northeast, and I’m just gonna take some debris that I kinda picked up outside there a little while ago, and I’m gonna put this on top of the slideout. Now normally with a slide topper, this would all end up on the roof of your coach.

As I mentioned a little earlier in the video, when you bring this back in, all that stuff is gonna stay up there and compromise our seal, and potentially damage the seal, and that’s not something that we want. Those seals are very important for protecting our coach when we’re not using it.

So let’s go downstairs again and we’ll re-situate the camera, and we’ll show you what happens when we bring the slideout in, and why this works so well, and why it’s so important to have these on our units. Okay, so here we are down below, and as you can see, we’re using our new brand–new Outback Fifth Wheel as our test model, so kind of excited about that.

Let’s go ahead and bring in the slide, and we’re gonna watch how this guy protects our coach. So as you remember in the video, I poured some stuff up there, and you can see with having the roller tube on the body of the slide, everything is just gonna run right off, so we’re gonna protect our slide seals. We’re not gonna leave any debris up there to compromise those and cause potential leak down the road.

And there’s the slide closed. Everything on the ground, not on the roof, right where we want it. We’ve protected our slide.  Everybody’s happy. We can put this away knowing that we’re not gonna have any damage to our seals or any water inside the coach from the roof of that slide when we’re not using the coach.

So there we go, folks. Another quick tip segment with Randy from Pete’s RV Center. Thanks again for watching our quick tip videos, and make sure to check us out on Facebook, and keep an eye out for those new videos. Thanks for thinking Pete’s RV, and happy camping. [04:00]

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EverGreen RV Extra | Fastest Growing Manufacturer in 2014

March 24th, 2014 by intern | Posted in Bay Hill, Evergreen, Fifth Wheels, Product News | No Comments »

pRV info Blog Contributor’s Note: In 2013 EverGreen Bay Hill was announced as the fastest growing company in the towing segment. Since late 2013 when Pete’s RV started carrying their Bay Hill line, we’ve heard nothing but good things from our customers.  The Bay Hill was also one of our top “show-stoppers” during our winter show season schedule.  Keep up the outstanding work Evergreen RV!

Originally posted on RV Trader Insider:

EverGreen Recreational Vehicles and its Lifestyle Luxury RV division are the fastest growing among the top 14 fastest growing manufacturers in the towable segment for 2013. The year-end numbers from the independent Statistical Surveys, Inc. of Grand Rapids Michigan show that EverGreen had the highest growth statistics for both unit growth and market share growth which ranks them among the top 14 towable RV manufacturers. The momentum for EverGreen is significant as the firm’s top position in the towable segment moved from 74.7 percent of unit growth with market share growth of 52.2 in September to 85.5 percent of unit growth and 60.4 percent of market share growth —an increase of over 10 percent in the fourth quarter alone.

“We’ve shown significant momentum throughout 2013 and it continues in 2014,” stated EverGreen President and COO Mark Boessler. “We attribute our leading position to attracting and partnering with the best dealers in the business. Our entire manufacturing and sales team must also be commended, as we now have 10 unique brands to choose from. Our dealers are profiting from both our innovative designs and the variety of price points we are hitting.”

Boessler also noted that EverGreen’s policy of providing its dealers with true protected trade territories and rejecting the industry norm of selling similar brands in the same marketplace is also key to dealer success.

“We understand that our dealers have a dramatically higher rate of success and capture far more market share in their territories, without having to deal with cloned products being sold right across town,” Boessler added. “We encourage dealers interested in our way of doing business, or those who are looking to replace a current line, to give us a call.”

Learn all Evergreen Bay Hill Luxury Fifth Wheels

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