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Beyond the Reviews: When Choosing a Campground Gets Personal

August 25th, 2015 by scott | Posted in Camping Lifestyle | No Comments »

Where is your favorite place to go camping? I have asked that question to hundreds, maybe thousands of people over the years and I have gotten hundreds of different answers. The funny thing is, some people won’t tell you where their favorite camping spot is located.  They prefer to keep it private.  However, they are happy to share what campgrounds they are impartial to.

Like so many others do, I then take those campsite names to Google or Yelp and check the reviews. Have you ever checked online reviews for a campground that you are thinking about visiting? It will make your head spin. The reviews for many campgrounds run the gamut, from saying, “The greatest place we have ever been.”, to “Save your money and go somewhere else.”  How can reviews for the same campground be at such odds? How can one person claim this was the best place to go camping and another say it was the worst? I will try to explain how this is possible.

I am a glass half full kind of person and willing to take chances.  I find myself trying some campgrounds with mixed reviews. Going in with a warm heart, a love for camping, and an open mind, I will form my own opinions. Could it be possible that some of the bad reviews you see online about a specific campground were the result of a situation not due to bad service by the campground but rather the patrons chose the wrong kind of campground? Some of the bad reviews say things such as, “Campground security made us shut off the radio and put our campfire out at 11pm.  This place is terrible!”  Well, did they read the campground rules before deciding it was the campground they wanted to visit?  Some campgrounds do not have a set time when the campfires need to be out. If you like to sit up all hours of the night and watch the campfire, then this place isn’t for you, but should not say the campground is terrible.  It’s simply the rules.

First thing you need to do before choosing a campground is to decide what you desire for amenities? Kid-friendly?  Pool and/or lake? Lots of family-related activities?  Another great review I came across said there was nothing for the kids to do at the campground. But the description for the campground clearly states that it caters to mature RVers.  So doubt there’s any face painting or making tie dye t-shirts at this establishment!

Those looking for a place to pitch a tent, and then hit the hiking trails probably do not need an all-inclusive campground with water slides and pony rides.  Again, check the description and amenities.  There are plenty of bare bones campgrounds out there for those just looking for the essentials.

I am not a big fan of rules, but even so, I do believe campground owners need to be very clear on their facility’s rules and regulations.  When doing so, expectations for the campground and camper are more likely met, and everybody’s happier for it!

For the most part, campgrounds do a very good job at showing off their goods by way of a website, camping directories, and social media pages like Facebook.  These plus online reviews, referrals from friends and family, and contacting the campground is more than enough information to help your decision-making process.  Stay organized.  Conduct your research along with a checklist of the things you want and don’t want in a campground.  Keep it personal and more likely than not, your family will have a happy camping experience!

Provided by Chuck Lundberg. See more of what he and others are liking on the Facebook page!

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2016 Forest River Cherokee & Grey Wolf Travel Trailer Features Video | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

August 21st, 2015 by Josh | Posted in Pete's RV Video pReView, RV Buyer Tips, Travel Trailers | No Comments »

With all the comfort and quality you have come to expect from Cherokee, your family will enjoy a truly enjoyable camping experience with this lineup of travel trailers and fifth wheels. The Grey Wolf by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability. Escape the ordinary, relax, and enjoy family and friends in a Grey Wolf.

RV Lifestyle Consultant, Joe Vartuli provides a special multi-unit walk through on the popular features found in Cherokee & Grey Wolf Travel Trailers (using a Cherokee 294BH & Grey Wolf 23DBH for the demo) including:

  • Friction Hinge Exterior Doors
  • Solid Wood Bedroom Privacy Doors
  • Prewired for Optional Back-Up Camera
  • Flush Floor Slideouts (Cherokee Models Only)
  • Nightstand on Each Side of Bed
  • Blue LED Interior Lighting
  • Solar Ready

Some additional features that make Cherokee & Grey Wolf travel trailers stand out:

  • High Gloss Seamless Countertops
  • Wooden Blinds
  • Electric Tongue Jack
  • High Rise Kitchen Faucet
  • LED Electric Awning
  • Drawers With Side-Mounted Steel Roller Guides
  • Powder Coated Rust Resistant Frame

Be sure to browse all features and specifications for Cherokee travel trailer floorplans and Grey Wolf travel trailer floorplans at!

Video Transcript for “2016 Forest River Cherokee & Grey Wolf Travel Trailer Features (Part 1 of 2)”

Hi I’m Joe Vartuli, RV Lifestyle Consultant, here at Pete’s RV Center in South Burlington, Vermont. We’re on a nice sunny August day. we’re going to do a video for you today on the Forest River Cherokee and Grey Wolf product. it’s a product that we’ve had this year that it’s been really popular, the price points are terrific. You can get into ‘em for, a lot of ‘em for under the $20,000.00 range. There’s a few models like this one, that are a little bit over.

Well, me and Josh are in the the 294 2016 Cherokee Limited. this is a double slide model. and you’re gonna see, if you look around to your right Josh a little bit, you’ll see the big U-shaped dinette. Also, the nice baseball stitch, leather sofa that folds out to make a, a scissor sofa, to make another bed for you. once again this table drops down and makes a very large bedding area. two adults, pretty much can use this area as well. now with the bunk beds in the back, you may not have a lot of use for it, but it’s there is you need it.

Some things you’ll notice solid surface counter tops, okay. Nice cherry stain on the woodwork, roller ball bearing drawer glides, full extension that come all the way out. And residential looking faucets even though the price point is lower, once again residential style features lots of storage. Deep cabinets that go all the way back in here through. One thing on the Cherokee as well, it does have what they call climate control. So the air conditioning system is ducted. It goes from one end to the other and you can set the temperature as you want either in a cold climate with your furnace or you know . When it’s hot the air conditioning system will, will you put it on the temperature you want the, it will come and go as it needs to no need to hot, high cool or medium either with your heating system or your air conditioning system because it’s climate controlled [00:02:00] much, much easier to maintain and it will keep a nice, nice even ambient temperature in here.

something new they’re doing with Forest River this year at least with this, with this suburban cook top. It is a glass covered cook top it’s, it’s, it’s all flush mount. And you have your three burner range underneath here so you’re not losing any of that. But yet they put a nice elegant cover over the top. Also of course, your Magic Chef microwave in these overhead fan to pull the moisture out when you’re cooking. Two way Norco refrigerators are in these as well. And this unit here has a nice big pantry you can see how deep it really is and you’ll find a this in most of the Cherokee’s there there trying to give you as much storage as they can the floor plans that they offer you and once again with out stretching your budget the blue accent lighting you can see over the over the top of the slide out just gives it a little more nicer look, a little more modern look. U

h if we go around to the front in a little bit before we go to the bunk area. Josh, you have the bedroom area here, you have two shirt-wards you’ll notice they changed the wallboard a little different color back here it’s a little darker on the back part, helps you with your sleeping in the evening. Also you’re gonna notice cloth shades, cloth made shades that go up and down. your safety window is right there. That might of messed up the camera a little bit. and also hard doors so your entertainment center is up here with the with the faux wall and also you have hard doors here that will shut the room right off so it’s very private. And we’ll show ‘em this front entertainment center and there’s a place to clip your TV on these do not come with a flat screen which you can, they’re ready, they come with a mount that will mount right on the wall. Here your cable hook-up and everything is right here. Your boostered TV antennae too as well am FM DVD player that is built in the limited models.

Alright, and the flooring you can see it’s got kind of plank wood look [00:04:00] and this is a thick rubberized congoleum so it’s very cold weather crack resistant as well. And stain release carpet. the Cherokee also gives you, you notice how flush floor this n-, this is not built up so there’s no step up into your slide out system and big drawers that pull out from underneath your dinette and make getting, make getting to your, to the extra stuff that you bring very easy. you’re gonna see wooden mini blinds in the living room here they’re not just using you know a very low cost mini bl-, metal mini blind they’re using nice residential style wooden ones. And hard, hard valances over your window as well.

And we’re going to go back we’re going to go back to the bunk room on this unit ’cause it does have the second slide and you’re gonna see. These two fold out small, small couches or, or seats whatever you want to call ‘em they will fold out to make beds. So you could have one, two, three, with your top bunk which does fold up and it will actually stay there so if the you have a TV and entertainment center back here there you go they can sit a wanna do a Playstation, your kids can do a Playstation or watch a movie, whatever they want to do on a rainy day.

Also a big oversized bunk with a skylight over it so you get some natural light back here you have a built in ladder to get to this bunk and also storage you have a place where the TV with the hook-ups here and you also have tons of storage over here as well. So clothes, entertainment center, nice bright windows, nice airy open feel to this this 294 Cherokee eh we’ll open up the a the bathroom here for ya and you can see there’s a second door to the outside. Your fluid flush toilet is standard on these [00:06:00] you’ll also have your medicine cabinet that’s actually usable. And nice nickel plated pulls here on all the doors so it’s nice and sturdy (cough) excuse me. We’ll shut that. Once again the construction underneath this floor underneath the boufloor is actually it’s, it’s tongue and groove plywood marine grade so its 5/8 inches it’s very thick. There’s not a lot of give the trailer will last a long time between your thick floor decking and your nice thick roof decking which is fully walk-able it gives you a nice sturdy built … travel trailer.

Inside the Grey Wolf this is a 2016 23DBH and folks you want to talk about a great value for a young family that’s starting out camping? this unit gives you large second, lar … (chuckles) two large bunks on the back. oversize it gives you a slide out it gives you all the power stuff we pointed to you on outside plus some of the neat features. And you can notice we have a raised up dinette here. It’s all U shaped wooden blinds here behind it. You still have a place to get underneath your dinette even with the Grey Wolf price point to slide your extra drinks in or whatever you need to clothes. Blankets. whatever you need. Also the bow style flooring the thick rubberized congoleum. you’ll also notice in the galley here you’re not losing anything with the Grey Wolf you actually have solid surface counter tops you have the flush mount gas Suburban cook top you have your Norcold gas electric refrigerator, your magic chef microwave, the same as the Cherokee with the nickel pulls on it so you’re not losing any of this in this price point. It just these are just a little bit more affordable.

Like I said for the young families [00:08:00] that want to start out camping and have a little bit of extra room. Slide outs and this unit, the larger bunks. Now all the Grey Wolf’s have these features. We just happen to be demonstrating this one today but the woodwork, the flooring, the countertops, the stone in the front by the entertainment center, the bedroom setups with the wardrobes, they all have that stuff. It’s just, we’re in this floor plan today. Okay, so it sho … shows you the double bunks. Also in the bathroom you have your fluid flush toilet. skylight over your tub as well which you will not see in these price points in almost any other brand. And full medicine cabinet and excuse me.

This Grey Wolf also has ducted a/c and it’s all climate controlled. And here is the here is the control unit right here. You put it on furnace. you put it on a/c whatever temperature you want it’ll come and go as you need it too. Once again, it makes your camping experience great. not a lot to play around with just enjoy yourself.

Also I didn’t go over the wallboard and the the, the floor the, the wallboard and the ceiling board they are both vinyl. You can use Windex or 409 or a good cleaner that’s mild you won’t take any of the color off on it, okay. Josh show ‘em both windows, safety window on the bottom and you have another skylight on top so you get a lot of natural light in on these campers. I’ll go around to the and of course your, your faux stone walls. A place for your TV all your cable and satellite hook-ups are all set to go. Your am FM DVD system which comes on the limited models. And of course your bedroom once again with your shirt-wards on each side and nice deep cabinets over the top for more clothes storage hard doors for privacy [00:10:00] all right and they also give you a nice comforter on all the beds and that’s kind of a quick overview inside of the Grey Wolf.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

Video Transcript for “2016 Forest River Cherokee & Grey Wolf Travel Trailer Features (Part 2 of 2)”

This is the 2016, 294, and just some of the quick stuff on the outside. We’ll try to make it, not too, not too boring for you. the outside, you notice it’s got a full aluminum front here, a metal front that’s pull over on the, that’s painted, a big piece of diamond plate on the bottom for stones and rocks that could kick up. Also, your powder-coated, big, I-beam frame down underneath here. Even though this is a lower price point trailer, they actually are built very, very well, and I’ll go over a few things on that.

you’ll notice power tongue jack is standard, and almost all of our Cherokees and Grey Wolf come with a Limited package, so you’re going to get power tongue jack, standard. You’re going to get power awning, standard, with LED lights. you’re gonna have accent LEDs on the inside as well, and we’ll show you, we’ll show you that when we go inside. also they’re solar-ready. The Cherokee is already set up for solar panels. it, you just plug into the outside here and put your, your portable panels up. It’ll recharge your battery system.

also, the tanks on this are enclosed. The, that way for colder weather, it will help you. Your, your tank will not freeze up. Your freshwater tank, and holding tanks will not freeze up, as long as you are running your furnace. It, kind of a, kind of a small, polar package on this. it does have a full, walkable roof. once again, even though the price points are terrific, the roof is fully walkable. You can go up there without putting plywood down and service your roof as you need to and clean it.

a lot of, lot of stuff on this price point is, you cannot do that with. also, 15-inch running gear on these as well, nitrogen-filled radial tires, that will, will be a little more even in, in their pressure. They’ll stay that way longer, and also a nice champagne color to these on the outside. The Cherokees have a nice champagne color. They have nice graphics, you can [00:02:00] see the chrome Limited right here for the package that’s on all of our units as well. Four big BAL stabilizing jacks, one on each corner. They’re very heavy duty, keep your camper from bouncing around when you’re in there.

also, you see a gas hookup here in the front, so our Cherokees do come with an external gas hookup on all of ‘em. Now this model, the 294, has an outside, rear kitchen, and we’ll show that to you when we go around to the outside. just some things that I went over earlier when we first started. The aluminum front, front cap on this unit; the powder-coated I-beam steel frame; and, also, the power tongue jack, which is standard on the Cherokee Limited … just to reiterate that stuff. Also, and the diamond plate, that is all still here, (laughs) okay?

you wanna notice the big opening for your storage. All right. So that’s pass-through. It also goes underneath your bed, which lifts up on the inside, so there’s a ton of storage in this, grills, chairs, whatever you need to put in here, tools, whatever you need to bring on your camping trip. also, the solar-ready system, a plugin is right here. You just pull this cover off … which should be easier than that … anyway, it does, it just pops off of there, and you would plo-, your, plug your solar panel right into there.

I’m going to come around to the awning, and you’re gonna see this is a power awning. All right. Just press the button in or out. It has a automatic rain dump on it, so when it’s raining out, you don’t have to worry about it. Also, the, and the blue LEDs out here that give it a nice, a little different look than some of the white ones you’ll see. A friction door, all right, this door, there’s no need to have the small clip that breaks on the outside like a lot of RVs have. The hinges have a tight friction on ‘em, and you can see, I gotta put quite a bit of pressure to open this up, but if I open it up, it’ll stay right there. I don’t have to have the little plastic latches that eventually break, and mold away on this unit.

entry assist, large entry-assist grab door handle on all the Cherokees [00:04:00], so to get up into there, you just grab that handle, step, and aw-, away you go, it makes it a lot easier for you. one thing with the Cherokee as well, this is gas and electric hot water tank. This is a Suburban 6-gallon. It’s about 18, 16.2 gallons per hour, quick recovery. you can use this off of propane if you’re at a state park. If you’re at your traditional campground, then you can plug it when you’re plugged into the shore power. you will have your electric element, too, that works. You can also use ‘em in tandem. When you’re using a lotta hot water, they’ll recuperate, quite a bit quicker.

All right. We’re gonna go back to the side here. 28,000 BTU Suburban furnace is on these Cherokees. Also, another place for a TV, so you could unclip the one in the living room, bring it out here, and you can clip it right on the outside. They give you w-, GFI outlets, and you might need this by your picnic table if you want to deal with coffee pot, lamps, whatever you’re doing out there, and, also, you have cable TV hookups here as well. So you can have, your satellite or cable TV right on the outside, underneath the awning so good, good features. Also, the speakers are out here, too, as well.

some things I did go over, the radial tires, they are nitrogen filled. Also, they use a gray steel wheel on here, so they will not, they will not show the pitting and rust the way that a white spoke wheel will. They’ll, they’ll hold up quite a bit longer. to the back here, Josh, the second entry door on this model, as well, to the bathroom, and here’s the outside cook station, so they’re giving you more cabinets. They even kept the, the nickel poles on here as well, solid surface out here. They didn’t skimp and put the, the lower-priced Formica out here. Refriger-, electric refrigerator for your, for your drinks or some food that you wanna keep out here while you’re at the campground.

And the best feature is, of course, your two-burner stove, so if you wanna be out here cooking breakfast, if you wanna do different types, types of dishes, you may have [00:06:00] your grill back here somewhere. This model, comes with a built-in rear bike rack, so that folds down. You can put bicycles on there, you could put firewood, you could put coolers, even a small scooter (laughs) if it would fit on there. it’ll take about 200-pounds worth of weight, and that’s another great feature that you see that, that Cherokee does give you.

And you’ll notice the elongated window, and also there’s a, you see the backup camera here. If you wanna purchase the, the, the system itself, through Forest River or through our, our Parts Department, you can actually have a backup camera installed. It’s all wireless. it’s ready to go, you just have to purchase the front part of it that goes in your vehicle. Okay. And what we’re gonna do here, we’re gonna go over to the Grey Wolf and do a few things on that.

Folks, we’re, we’re on to the Grey Wolf now. We just did some stuff on the Cherokee for you. We’re on to the Grey Wolf. We wanna show you some features on this. once again, the price points on these are even lower than what the Cherokees are, even though they have a lotta the same terrific features on ‘em. first thing you see is the, the metal front end on this, just like the Cherokee. You’ll see the Limited up there, that means our Limiteds come with a power tongue jack, the power, the powered awning, the AM/FM, DVD system, and a few other features we’ll get to.

also, you’re gonna see the diamond plate. You didn’t lose this on the Grey Wolf. The powder-coated I-beam frame, you didn’t lose. Of course, your power tongue jack that actually has a light on it, so you can see it when you’re back up in the evening, you know, propane tank covers … you still have all that stuff … also, a walkable roof on the Grey Wolf, still. gonna come around to the side. You see the solar-ready panel. It is still here on the Gray Wolf, so you can plug into your, you know, your, portable solar panel, and keep your batteries charged up if you’re at a state park, a great feature that you don’t have to fight with. You just plug it in.

full pass-through storage, once again, on the Grey Wolf, [00:08:00] and you can see they put a felt lining down on the bottom here. go around to the side, you see your outside security lights, the elongated windows and, also, your power awning with an LED light in it as well, and the strip is running right underneath that power awning. this door here, same thing, fric-, friction-hinge door on both the Cherokee and Grey Wolf make it very easy for you. Grab handle-assist when you go in lar-, and extra-large ent-, entry-assist handle.

Also, you have cable hookup. You have power hookups. You’re not losing any of this on the Grey Wolf, even though it’s a little bit less of a price point. you’ll also notice the 3-tier color. You have a, you have a champagne on the top. You have a little bit of white with graphics, and then you have champagne and brown on the bottom. So it’s, not just a white, it’s not just a white trailer sticking out there. you’ll notice your, these have 14-inch radial tires, which are nitrogen filled.

All right. This one has a second entry into the bathroom as well. This is the 23, Grey Wolf, the DBH model with the double-size bunks. You’re also gonna notice the 4 BAL stabilizers are still on this unit. Your built in bike racks stays one the Grey Wolf, and, also, it has the, the, the backup camera system is pre-wired. You just have to buy that separate, all right, but it is here for you. automotive marker lights everywhere for safety, and also these all have, you know, fresh, fresh, fresh water holding tank, black water, gray water, you have all these things in these great price point trailers. hope you enjoyed a little, quick, quick tour of these, and, we’ll see you in the next video. Thank you.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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Importing an RV Into Canada | Pete’s RV Quick Tips (CC)

July 29th, 2015 by Josh | Posted in General RVs, Pete's RV Video pReView, RV Buyer Tips, RV Sales | No Comments »

RV Lifestyle Consultant Joe Vartuli reviews the easy and stress-free steps to make importing an RV into Canada a simple process on the Pete’s RV YouTube Channel. Whether you’re picking up in the states or having it shipped into Canada, Joe details the process for each method.

When you’re picking up your RV in the states, Joe notes that there are three important documents (listed below) that you will need to have in order to cross the border back into Canada with your new RV.

1. Sales and Purchase Agreement. Describing tax and payment information of your new RV purchase.

2. No Recall Letter from Manufacturer. This states that all recalls are up to date on the unit from the manufacturer before it crosses the border.

3. Title/MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin). This simply proves that you are indeed the owner of the RV.

Once you have successfully provided all documentation, taxes will need to be paid at the border (based off the purchase agreement) and then you’ll be on your way.

Finally, If the camper is being shipped into Canada and you’re not coming to pick it up, you must make arrangements with a brokerage company so that the delivery driver can successfully cross the border (with all completed documentation in hand) and deliver your RV to a destination of choice.

For more in-depth details on importing your RV into Canada, check out: How to Import Your New or Used RV Into Canada

Pete’s RV Center can assist with importing your newly purchased recreation vehicle into Canada. We have helped hundreds of customers import their travel trailers, fifth wheels and campers into every Canadian province most especially Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Pete’s RV Center is an extraordinary recreational vehicle dealer with locations in South Burlington, VT and Schererville, IN. An RV sales, parts and service provider since 1952, Pete’s RV Center carries an extensive inventory of Keystone as well as Crossroads, Heartland, Evergreen and Forest River RV-branded campers.

Video Transcript for “Importing an RV Into Canada | Pete’s RV Quick Tips (CC) ”

Joe:              Hi, I’m Joe Vartuli, RV lifestyle consultant, here at Pete’s RV Center in South Burlington, Vermont. we’re going to do a quick tip video for you today. It’s for our neighbors to the north up in Canada. and it’s how to come down here and buy an RV, and get it back into Canada without much hassle, if hardly any. And, also if we ship one directly to you from the States, to whatever province in Canada that you are in. first thing we have on our board here, that Josh did for us, was RV pick up in the States. So, if you pick out a new RV that you like, that you see we have in stock, you call us and you get your best price, we save you lots of money, the process is very simple. We, we take a deposit for the unit. We will make arrangements on what day you want to come down and pick it up and have it ready for you, and there’s really only 3 documents you need to go back across the border. you don’t pay any US taxes, to, to the dealership if you’re in Canada. to-, toward either state, Indiana or Vermont.

there’s 3, there’s 3 documents. One is the sales and purchase agreement. Of course, which you get which tells you what you paid for it, and what you would pay tax on at the border for. the Canadian tax. The second is a no-recall letter from Keystone. Or, whatever, Crossroads, Jayco, whatever manufacturer you choose to buy from us, maybe Evergreen, and this is so when the new unit goes across the border, all the re-, all the latest recalls have been done to it. Nothing has to be done up in Canada. It’s all up to code. Okay? and the third, the third thing is also the title or MSO, manufacturer’s certificate of origin, which will go with the camper when you take it across the border, or if it goes being shipped by one of our drivers. And this is very simple, it’s just those 3 documents is all you need, and then you know, you’ll have to pay your tax at the border. No, the, this, and that’s, it’s much easier than a lot of people think it is, so don’t [02:00] let it hinder you, okay? We’ll save you money.

The second is shipping into Canada. All right, so if, if you select one of our units, it’s all paid for, we have the right documentation, we can ship right to your province, right to your house, right to a campground if you want to. and once again, it’s an easy process to do. The only, the only difference is you have to have a brokerage company. we can supply you with a brokerage company, you will contact them, they will make all the necessary arrangements at the border so the driver can, can clean, can cross the border cleanly, I’m sorry. so he doesn’t get held up, or you don’t get phone calls or any of that. But we supply him with all that documentation, so it’s an easy, once again, easy process.

But we can go to Alberta, we can go to British Columbia, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, wherever you want it in Canada, we can ship and save you money. So don’t be thinking that it’s a hard process. we, we give you the documentation needed, we also set you up with a brokerage if it’s going to go across with one of our delivery companies. And and if you want to come pick it up, you come to one of our 2 centers in Indiana or Vermont. we’ll go through the camper with you when you get here, when you leave you’ll have the documents you need to pass through the border crossing of your choice. Once again, we can save you lots of money without any hassle. Please, guys up north, come see us. we have great products, and we we’d love to have you. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed the video.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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2016 Keystone Cougar Xlite Travel Trailer Features Video | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

June 19th, 2015 by Josh | Posted in Keystone, Pete's RV Video pReView, Product News, RV Buyer Tips, Travel Trailers, X-Lite | Comments Off

Expect more…Sacrifice nothing. With the all new X-lite by Cougar you no longer have to sacrifice good taste when buying a lightweight travel trailer or fifth wheel. X-lite shares your vision of beauty, elegance and towability with kitchens that really cook, magnificent master suites, full-sized slide outs, and bunkhouse models that can sleep up to nine people.

Cougar rep, Kevin Horoky pays a visit to Pete’s RV to meet up with RV Lifestyle Consultant, Chad Shepard to walk through the popular features found in Cougar XLite Travel Trailers (using a 30RLI for the demo) including:

  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Gas/Electric Water Heater with Quick Recovery
  • Residential Shower/Tub Surround
  • Hand Glazed Hardwood Cabinetry
  • Porcelain Toilet w/ Foot Flush
  • Cougar Camp Remote for Wireless Slide and Awning Operation
  • Power Stabilizer Jacks
  • Standard 8 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

Some additional features that make Cougar Xlite travel trailers unbeatable:

  • Polar Package for Year Round Camping
  • Fiberglass Front Cap w/ LED Lighting
  • MP3 player hookup on stereo with Bluetooth
  • Deep oversized kitchen basin with sink cover
  • LED Electric Awning
  • Slam Baggage Doors
  • Correct Track Suspension Alignment System
  • Power Tongue Jack

Be sure to browse all features and specifications for Cougar Xlite travel trailer floorplans at!

Video Transcript for “2016 Keystone Cougar Xlite Travel Trailer Features (Part 1 of 2)”

Chad Shepard: Welcome to Pete’s RV TV today. I’m Chad Shepard. We got some exciting stuff going on here today. We have the Cougar product. The number one selling brand in the marketplace and it has been for over fourteen years. So we’re going to see why … We have Kevin Horoky from the manufacturer Keystone’s number one Cougar rep is going to take us through this Cougar product and show us why more people choose this brand than any other brand out there.

Kevin Horoky directly from Keystone here to show us and tell us why the Cougar retains its value better than everybody else and why it’s been the best seller for the last fourteen years.

Welcome Kevin.

Kevin Horoky: Hey, thanks Chad appreciate having me at your dealership.

Chad Shepard: You got it. Kevin, we are in the newest floor plan you have out there. This is … Can’t see it from the video, a front bed slide in this we’re going to show in a few minutes but plenty of room here. This is a non-bunk. Which model are we in now?

Kevin Horoky: Yeah we’re in the Cougar X-Lite Travel Trailer 30LRI.

Chad Shepard: Beautiful in here.

Kevin Horoky: It’s a rear living with an island kitchen.

Chad Shepard: Okay, tell us construction on a Cougar a little bit here. We’ve got the arched interior ceiling.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah. What you have is you have a vaulted ceiling. It’s a stamp steel roof so it’s going to create our head room which we have in here. So a taller gentleman like myself I still can have the headroom. So a typical trailer right now is still a flat roof. So this will give you that natural runoff and it’s a stamp steel construction.

Chad Shepard: Look at all the extra room we got here. We got bigger, taller cabinets cause that’s not … Guys just so you know it is hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July in here in this video. So I look like I’m baking in here it’s because I am. But we’re going to talk about this a little bit more. Beautiful ceiling in here, central air conditioning, which obviously we don’t have on, a central air conditioner … Tell us a little bit more … What’s the furniture that we have in here Kevin.

Kevin Horoky: Here the furniture it’s a residential furniture. It’s Ashley brand furniture. It’s going to give you a tri-fold sleeper sofa in this and then your tri-fold sleeper sofa is a orthopedic sleep system. So it’s going to be cushiony, it’s going to give you a residential feel.

Chad Shepard: Don’t get tricked into buying a trailer that’s going to jack my sofa guys. This is something that’s been upgraded. It’s really, really nice. Probably one of my favorite features is these push back recliners. This is just like what I have in my home.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah, sure it’s, it’s residential then you notice too Chad if you get up and pull the chair forward, where you’re sitting at [00:02:00] you’ll notice that we do put a outlet in the slide for you.

Chad Shepard: Can you catch that in the video there Josh? So we got outlets in the slide you know you have to run the extension.

Kevin Horoky: You’re not running the extension cord from the kitchen, you know? We thought of everything when we built this for our customers.

Chad Shepard: Yeah, frameless windows. We don’t have it here in the video but you can kind of see them on the back. We got them here on the side. Frameless windows. Little extra tint in here keeps some of the sun light out. And plus we get the jalousie look on them.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah, the jalousie window and then the other thing that you have too Chad which are nightshades throughout. What you have is when those shades are open, I don’t know if we can catch that in the video or not, but you do have cross ventilation through your slide. Which is nice so it’s going to create that flow for you. And then another thing that we have is we insulated our slides.

Chad Shepard: You got it. Maybe you can catch this in the video. Josh, can you scoot down here a little bit? Guys, it’s hard to see it. We can see that silver foil down there. Kevin, what is that?

Kevin Horoky: That’s called Astro Foil Insulation. It’s going, it’s going to increase your R factor. So here, perfect example like today, we’re burning up in here but if we had the air conditioner running at 72 degrees we want our slide room to be at 72 degrees. We want control of the hot, cold exchange and not have that be at 82 degrees.

Chad Shepard: You know they got some brands out there … Guys, they insulate the slide boxes on these. Would you know the difference if I didn’t tell you? Be careful when you’re buying your next RV. Look for things like that.

Kevin Horoky: Next thing we have Chad is our entertainment package. This gives you a 32 inch LED TV. It gives you a Bluetooth stereo so you can control everything from your phone when you’re outside on the camp ground and you have your exterior speakers. And then we also added, the 5000 BTU electric fireplace.

Chad Shepard: Yeah, I see you guys use Greystone. One of the leading brands in the RV industry. Puts out a little heat on those hot or cold days, unlike today, but you don’t have to use your propane all the time. It’s really a nice, nice feature. Bigger fridge in here I’ve noticed too.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah we, we upgraded from the six cubic foot to now a eight cubic foot refer. With your freezer, which is nice, you can store more stuff. How you can tell if you ever want to know the difference, on a six cubic foot you only get three on our eight cubic foot it gives you four.

Chad Shepard: Good point so we got four door caddies and four shelving on the inside. It gives us that extra storage. A nice, nice upgrade. I really [00:04:00] like this.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah, solid surface counter tops so it gives you the residential look. You have an under mount stainless steel sink with the high rise faucet. And then you also have a stainless steel package within your oven and your microwave.

Chad Shepard: High point microwave too I like that feature.

Kevin Horoky: Chad, if you would, open up one of the many bank of drawers that you have there.

Chad Shepard: You got it.

Kevin Horoky: But they’re all full extension ball bearing drawer guide. Did you notice the handle that you have on there?

Chad Shepard: Yeah.

Kevin Horoky: That’s a five inch residential pole versus competition uses a knob or maybe three inch.

Chad Shepard: Yeah, that’s the same one I have in my house. Very, very similar style to what I have in my house. Tell me, really quickly what do we have here for lighting Kevin?

Kevin Horoky: Yeah. We have LED lights throughout. The nice thing about our LED lights instead of being recessed you can actually control Chad, left, right or off.

Chad Shepard: Yup.

Kevin Horoky: So, which will help that. And then you have your feature wall over on this side. Which is nice too if Josh can get the video of it. You have the charging station that’s something that …

Chad Shepard: Charging station down here. It’s hard to catch in the video but we got a Cougar remote too. Tell me a little bit about this Kevin.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah, the Cougar remote’s real nice. It’s real handy to set up your camper. Type in your code, you can control all of your slide outs, you can control your awning, you can control your scare light, and then the nice thing that you can control is your power front, rear stabilizer jacks.

Chad Shepard: You can do it right from one stop.

Kevin Horoky: Exactly.

Chad Shepard: It makes it really, really handy [crosstalk 00:05:13].

Kevin Horoky: You’re not running back and forth into the camper.

Chad Shepard: Okay. I’ve noticed this has a lot of vinyl flooring, bow flooring to be exact.

Kevin Horoky: Bow floor, Leno, you know it’s a great brand. Keystone uses it throughout. So it gives you two years against cold cracking. And then if you look at the residential of it it looks awesome.

Chad Shepard: Yeah, I agree. The Cougar obviously has gone through some changes here in the last twelve months. You guys have done a lot of things right. Registers that are just like what I have in my home.

Kevin Horoky: Yeah, residential heat ducts versus a plastic heat duct.

Chad Shepard: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Speakers in the ceiling, surround sound effects, a lot of great things. Hardwood kitchen tables, true dinette so you can go … Obviously the Keystone has a couple different options. We can go with a booth dinette that makes into a bed.

Kevin Horoky: You can go with the booth dinette. This one here on this package the 30RLI and this floor plan we did put in the free standing table and four chairs. But the four chairs too you do have storage under there. We keep [00:06:00] talking about that letter S as far as storage, well here we like to think we’re best in class in storage.

Chad Shepard: I don’t doubt that at all and you can tell guys in non-bunkhouse coaches the free standing dinette it think has been most popular.

Kevin Horoky: Absolutely, yeah.

Chad Shepard: We’ve got a great bedroom in this. This is their brand new floor plan we talked about so we’re going to cut right here real quick. We’re going to take a quick walk up in that bedroom and show you why this is probably the nicest half ton towable travel trailer I’ve ever seen.

I love the front bedroom on this 30RLI Kevin. You guys have done a wonderful job with it. Tell me some of the features and why people are starting to choose this floor plan.

Kevin Horoky: Well this nice thing is we talk about Cougar and the Ex-Lite series being half-ton tow-able.

Chad Shepard: Yup.

Kevin Horoky: Now, we integrated for couples a bedroom slide. So it’s easier for them to get around and then you know we added you know the nice mattress in here. It’s a Cougar platinum series which is a orthopedic sleep system so we’re not changing that. You have a ton of storage up here and a, and a, and a bed slide coach. I mean look at the storage that you have here in your wardrobe. You can look at your dresser and it’s a sixty inch dresser. You have full extension ball bearing drawer guides. I mean you have four drawers that pull out. You have another storage drawer there and then look at the overhead cabinets that you have in here.

Chad Shepard: It’s really, really nice. And those are … Guys those are solid door wood. That’s not paneling that’s built into there like some of the, some of the off brands are using in it. We look up here at the front bedroom. We’ve got windows on both sides that open up so we can let ventilation cross [inaudible 00:07:23]. We got a window over here on the other side.

Kevin Horoky: [00:07:25] cabinets.

Chad Shepard: Oh yeah you’re right.

Kevin Horoky: Over that and then you also … We left for our couples we left the LCD for you can mount your bracket TV here or you can just plug it in and set it right here on this big sixty inch dresser.

Chad Shepard: That’s really, really nice. Guys arched ceiling in here it makes it feel huge in here. I mean this is a half ton towable travel trailer with a ton of space on here. Kevin I want to go talk about some of the great features on the outside of this. Let’s take a walk outside, we’ll show why people … They love the outside as Coach. Let’s show them why.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

Video Transcript for “2016 Keystone Cougar Xlite Travel Trailer Features (Part 2 of 2)”

Chad: Kevin, the inside of this trailer is wonderful, the outside is even better. I know you guys have done a lot of changes to this, taken a lot of time to make this the best looking travel trailer on the market.

Kevin: Yeah, we’ve redesigned our front cap, Chad, and then again, just like our regular Cougar fifth-wheels, we actually paint our front cap and then we clear coat it, so it will eliminate any of the chalking or fading. It’s one piece, it’s seamless, you can see how it comes over so there’s no seams in here. No penetration for water or anything to get into.

Chad: That’s a feature I really, really like.

Kevin: It’s a huge selling feature, and then we took our cap one step further, and added fore running LED lights in the front.

Chad: Yeah. So just so you guys know, you look at products like Tracer, you look at products a primetime product especially, they’re running just a real thin ABS, almost like a shower surround front cap, and it only goes up to here, and then they seam the rest of it with some diamond plate, but there’s this has no seams on the front of this trailer, where the other brands are still seaming it across the middle. It’s just a spot for the trailer to leak.

Kevin: Sure. Then what we did too Chad, the last thing you want to do is when you unhook from your camper, is you don’t want to crank it down anymore. So what we did is we added the electric front jack, and it also is equipped with an LED light.

Chad: That’s nice. Makes it really easy, especially for people putting on weight distribution hitches, guys, saves you a ton of money. We talk about Cougars being loaded with great features, great standard features, great options. This is a really nice thing to have.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: Twin propane tanks in here, thirty pounders.

Kevin: Thirty pound bottles versus competition, which will trick you and do twenty pound bottles.

Chad: They do, they put a thirty pound propane tank cover on it though, so.

Kevin: Exactly. And we like to call that cloak and dagger.

Chad: You got it. We’ve got eight inch I beam on this, we talk about good quality built frames. These are Lippert frames I believe that you guys are using.

Kevin: It’s a Lippert frame, it’s powder coated so it’s always going to be treated. Nice thing about it too is all of our frames on the Xlite product were designed for half ton tow building.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: That’s the biggest thing, and that’s hitting the meat at the market right there.

Chad: We’ve got, we’ve got room for two batteries up here, we’ve got one on just for the video but there’s actually room at least for two. Maybe even a bigger second battery for those dry campers. [00:02:00]

Kevin: Yeah, you want to walk around the side of the coach Chad?

Chad: Yeah, tell me a little bit about the coach on the outside here.

Kevin: Here again it’s an aluminum frame construction.

Chad: Okay, and when we say that guys what we’re talking about is we’ve got aluminum structure through here, through the sidewalls, bracing. It’s welded not screwed, so we’ve got welded aluminum. Keeps the weight of the trailer down. This is a twenty six RB on the exterior right here, it’s a great looking unit on the outside, and we keep the weight down by using better quality construction.

Kevin: Yeah, another, another selling feature we use Chad is a slam latch baggage door. You notice the clip is removed here.

Chad: Yeah, I like that.

Kevin: So you know one of the number one warranty claims, a clip coming off, now it’s a magnetic …

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: Catch up there, and then it’s an insulated slam latch baggage door.

Chad: Yep. Check this out guys, just the little stuff, you see this? This is metal, it’s not plastic. So look long term durability for your coach, much much nicer.

Kevin: The other thing we talk about Chad, is it’s a lighted passive storage, and then it’s on bow floor linoleum so you know, instead of using carpet, you know you throw something wet in there that can mildew and start to stink or.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: You know, deteriorate your coach, here it’s on bow floor, that way you can wipe your stuff down if needed. And we also have a laundry chute that’s built right in the master bedroom.

Chad: Yes.

Kevin: Where you can drop your laundry in, take that with you.

Chad: So you can catch a little bit too from the video, can you guys see the aluminum studding that’s in there? Instead of the wood studding. Some brands out there that you can’t see, where you’re not looking that’s where they’re cutting costs. What, tell us what’s special about the bow flooring and why this is such an innovation in the market?

Kevin: Here the bow floor lino, it’s a product that comes out of Belgium. The nice thing about it, Chad, it’s, it’s easily replaced if you happen to cut it or damage it, but the nice thing is it gives you two years against cold cracking.

Chad: Yep and we see that happen in 07, 08, the floors are made out of vinyl and this is a hybrid material. It’s made to withstand cold temperatures.

Kevin: Yeah, exactly. And it has a fiberglass backing in it, with the material.

Chad: You got electric awning on this cabin?

Kevin: Yeah it’s a power electric awning that you can use your Cougar remote with.

Chad: Yep.

Kevin: And then it’s lighted. The nice thing about our lighted LED awning is we don’t put it out on the arm.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: We put it right there on the wall, so like today, where the awning’s in [00:04:00] the in position, you still have a back-lit.

Chad: Yep. At Pete’s RV center guys, we are stocked full of units, over a thousand units in stock, and probably I would say about a third of them are Cougars. We, we love the product, windows on this. I mean are, let’s just, are all Cougars travel trailers this color? I mean you guys got a beautiful

Kevin: Yeah.

Chad: Color on the outside.

Kevin: Everything’s the color [00:04:18], which gives you that nice look getting away from the white, so gives you the better appearance. And then this twenty six RBI is actually equipped, you guys brought in with the executive package.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: Which is going to give you that clean looking exterior with the frame-less windows, and then on the inside it gives you solid surface counter tops.

Chad: What is the executive package Kevin? We order, at Pete’s RV Center with the discounts we get, with the inventory we carry, we stock em with usually the loaded, we call loaded. Tell us, the executive package, is it an option?

Kevin: It is an option. we charge a guest for that, but it’s going to give you the frameless windows.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: On the outside and solid surface Corian counter tops on the inside.

Chad: It’s just a beautiful look. Takes your trailer up to the next level.

Kevin: Absolutely. Couple other things here Chad that we can talk about real quick.

Chad: Yep.

Kevin: Is we talked about that it is a backlit LED awning.

Chad: Yes.

Kevin: You also have your scare light, you have your patio light, two exterior speakers. You have a light at the entry step so you can find your way back into the camper, and then we also put on the large folding assist grab handle, versus competition just uses a little chincy …

Chad: I’ve seen them.

Kevin: Grab handle, fair enough?

Chad: We’ve sell a lot of these in the store to people who buy …

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: But you know, off brand trailers, stuff like that. We’ve got, we sell a ton of those in the store. Tell me Kevin, what’s, fully heated enclosed underbelly on this?

Kevin: Yeah, you have a heat enclosed underbelly, what we do at the factory is we set all of your tanks, your fresh grey and black tank, in between the frame rails, so if you are traveling with water, it’ll always be below floor so that gives you a better towing, right?

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: But then we roll it with a roll house type insulation.

Chad: Okay, nice. Guys, three steps, not a big deal right now, but you go in your camper for ninety days, you’re going to love it. And not only that, but they’ve got the newer steps that have the holes in it so that dirt falls right through. You don’t have to sweep them out all the time.

Kevin: You also have some traction right here on your steps as well so it’s going to [00:06:00] prevent you slipping.

Chad: Okay. Kevin, lastly before we, before we wrap this up. Tell us about the slide systems you guys are using.

Kevin: Yeah.

Chad: On the Cougar Xlite Travel Trailers.

Kevin: So no coil slide system, what it is is a cable driven slide, so your motor is actually on the inside of the coach behind the, behind the fascia, but the nice thing about it is it’s going to give you a complete seal all the way around, because it’s a motor that’s chain drive.

Chad: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Kevin: So it’s going to give you a seal all the way out and then when it comes in, the same thing. You’re going to have your inner seal, your outer seal, and then your bulb seal.

Chad: Yep.

Kevin: But all four corners will press against that bulb seal and give you the tight seal.

Chad: I mean the other alternative guys is the old rack & pinion slide, which only seals on the bottom, this is a much lighter system, and plus it’s a better quality build.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s a lighter system, which hits our halfway, our half ton tow-able trailer.

Chad: Yep. Some stuff we haven’t seen in the video, aluminum rims

Kevin: Fifteen inch tires.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: They’re radial tires.

Chad: What do we have for a roof on this?

Kevin: You have a TPO roof, so it’s a one piece seamless roof.

Chad: Yep.

Kevin: TPO, the nice thing about our roof, we talked about that we want the color sidewall, we also want the color roof.

Chad: Can you catch that in the video up there Josh? A little bit, I know the sun’s shining brightly here, but you’ve actually even rolled the roof over the edge.

Kevin: Exactly, we take that, we rolled over the edge, and then we tuck it underneath before we ever put the rail on.

Chad: Yeah.

Kevin: So in a sense, water would have to defy gravity to get inside your roof.

Chad: Any war, what’s the warranty on this Kevin? On the roof on this. This comes with a warranty from the manufacturer?

Kevin: Yeah, it’s a, it’s a, you have a, your warranty one year front to back, but your roof is twelve year warranty.

Chad: And that’s, I mean guys, Cougar, you’re going to own this for a long time and they go the extra mile and give you the upgraded parts. A ton more you can learn about the Cougar, please contact me, I’m Chad Shepard, with Kevin Horoky, the factory direct, love to give you more information, maybe make one of these yours and show you why this could be the right unit for your family. Kevin, thanks for your time today.

Kevin: Yeah, hey thank you Chad.

Chad:  And for those of you out there, Pete’s RV Center would love to earn your business. Give us a call, and we’d love to help you out and find the right unit for you and your family.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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Pete’s RV Represents New England Dealers at Cabela’s Event in Massachusetts

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On June 13th and 14th, Pete’s RV Center participated in an RV exhibit held at the Cabela’s retail store in Hudson, Massachusetts.

Promoted by the New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA), the event brought together six dealers from the region including South Burlington, Vermont-based Pete’s RV.

A wide selection of recreation vehicle types–from travel trailers to motorhomes–were displayed in the parking lot and manned by the dealers. There was also a schedule of free RV-related seminars.  Unlike consumer RV shows, where selling is a top priority for dealers, the objective of the Cabela’s event was to celebrate the RV lifestyle.

NERVDA Executive Director Bob Zagami said, “Dealers understood that it was an educational event. So, it was intentionally low-key with a lot of touch and feel, and questions from people who really had never considered RVs as part of their outdoor enjoyment.”

Pete’s RV showcased four new models popular with their customers this year:  An Oakmont 375QB luxury fifth wheel, Prism PRC24G class B motorhome, Sunset Trail 240BH, and Cherokee 274DBH (the latter two being bunkhouse travel trailers).

Along with inviting Cabela’s patrons to tour the campers, Pete’s RV sales consultant Eric Larson and event coordinator Viet Vo shared their knowledge about everything RVing, and took entries for a $250 Cabela’s gift card giveaway.

“It was a fun couple of days down at Cabela’s”, commented Larson. “Everybody we talked to showed a genuine interest in RV camping, were amazed how well-appointed campers can be, or had stories to tell us about their own RV experiences.”

The New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA) represents a select group of RV dealers in the six New England states that provide quality RVs that are supported with a full-service business operation ready to meet the needs of all RV enthusiasts who want to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Cabela’s is a leading specialty retailer, and the world’s largest direct marketer, of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise. Since the Company’s founding in 1961, Cabela’s has grown to become one of the most well-known outdoor recreation brands in the world, and has long been recognized as the World’s Foremost Outfitter.

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2016 Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel Features Video | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

June 5th, 2015 by Josh | Posted in Fifth Wheels, Keystone, Montana, Pete's RV Video pReView, Product News, RV Buyer Tips | No Comments »

North America’s #1 Selling Luxury Fifth Wheel for 14 Consecutive Years. The right inspiration leads you to achieve greatness whether you are vacationing, adventuring or just relaxing. Montana fifth wheels enable you to achieve all three. To do this, Montana designs fifth wheels to provide enduring pleasure over the long haul and in every aspect of the ownership experience. Montana builds RVs that inspire.

RV Lifestyle Consultant Joe Vartuli and Montana rep Chris Stender meet up to walk you through the extravagant features found in Montana Fifth Wheels (using a 3160RL for the demo) including:

  • Patented ‘Max Turn” Front Cap with Hitch Vision and LED Profile Lighting
  • Solid Surface Countertops
  • High Gloss Gel Coated Fiberglass Exterior
  • Glazed Hardwood Cherry Cabinet doors and Drawers
  • Wireless Back-up Camera with in Vehicle Mobile Display
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Heated Exterior Convenience Center
  • iRelax High Density Posture Mattress
  • Slam Latch Pass Through Storage Compartment Doors
  • Stainless Steel Appliances

Some additional features to make you love Montana fifth wheels:

  • Enclosed, Insulated and Heated Holding Tanks and Dump Valves
  • Washer/Dryer Prep
  • 6 Point Hydraulic Automatic Leveling System
  • Flush Mounted LED Interior Lights
  • MOR/Ryde Hitch Pin Box
  • Optional Heated Bedroom and Bathroom Floor w/ Legacy Package
  • Frameless Windows
  • Residential French Door Refrigerator
  • Solar Panel Prep
  • Sound Bar with Sub Woofer and Bluetooth

Be sure to browse all features and specifications for Montana fifth wheel floorplans at!

Video Transcript for “2016 Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel Features (Part 1 of 2) (CC)”

Joe: Hi, I’m Joe Vartuli, RV lifestyle consultant here at Pete’s RV Center in South Burlington, Vermont. We’re going to do a great feature video today on the Montana product, the number one luxury fifth wheel brand for the last 14 years and we have a terrific guest. We have the number one sales rep from Keystone, from Montana. His name is Chris Stender and he’s going to go through this, these trailers with us and show you the reason why Montana separates itself from the other brands. we hope you enjoy it and pay attention, he has some great stuff for you. Chris I’ll let you start and you can, you can kind of go on some of the stuff that, that you feel that, our customers really will, it will make a difference for them.

Chris: Thank you Joe. What sets us apart from the competition is, with a Montana product, I always tell people there’s three things in life. We’re going to pass away, we’re going to pay taxes, and you’ll see a Montana in the campground.  we have more repeat buyers than any other brand in the history of the RV business.

Joe: They’re very loyal.

Chris: It’s not uncommon to talk to customers that on their second, third, and fourth units. You just sold another Montana to some folks that are on their …

Joe: Yep, it was …

Chris: Thirteenth Montana.

Joe: Yeah, it was quite amazing, very loyal. they love, they’ve loved every single one they’ve had. and his sister is actually on this, her seventh. So, once again, brand loyalty and because of the features you’re going to go over is why they’re so loyal to it.

Chris: (clears throat) Absolutely. One of the main features that we introduced back in 2010, 2011, was the radius interior ceiling. If you notice the exterior ceilings are all radius because of water runoff, but we have a radius interior ceiling. The benefits of that Joe, is number one, it feels larger in the family room and also once we get in the bedroom you’ll notice we have up to 6 foot 8 head room in the front bedroom. Also, by using the radius interior ceiling Joe, is we use a 5 inch radius roof truss. What that allows us to do is gives you the same amount of insulation in the middle as in the center. So, if you look at a lot of your competition Joe, [00:02:00] and this right here is a, is a molding piece that we use as far as design in our coach, but I use it to compare the competition so if you’re …

Joe: You can really see the arch.

Chris: So if you’re looking at a competitor that has a flat interior ceiling, remember we talked about everybody has a radius on the outside for water runoff, so if you’re looking at flat roof on the inside, it a-, could only do one thing. It can only taper, so if you notice when the competition talks about insulation, they may talk that they have the 5 inch, the 6 inch thick laminated roof. But remember one thing Joe, is they may be the thickest part right here, but as you notice when you get to the edges here, how it tapers.

Joe: They taper down, correct.

Chris: So you could maybe start at 5 and 6 inches, but as you work your way to the left or right you can get all the way down to 1 inch. So that right there is not a consistent insulation package in the competition.

Joe: Now, that is a steel, a galvanized steel roof trussing correct?

Chris: We use a, it’s a composite roof truss that we’re using right now.

Joe: Composite, okay.

Chris: We’re using stamped steel roof truss. Previously, it’s a composite. What it does Joe, is allows us to fasten our 3/8 inch decking more securely.

Joe: Correct, and it’s still a breathable attic system, which has made Montana famous.

Chris: Absolutely, we have an attic vent like most people have in their homes where your competition that uses a laminated roof does not have an attic vent. That laminated roof will trap a lot of condensation, a lot of heat in the ceilings. And also, what they’re doing for their air conditioning ducting system and the laminated roofs, Joe …

Joe: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris: Is all they’re doing is notching out the styrofoam so as we know, air conditioning has condensation in it, and there’s only one way to go. It goes up in the ceiling. Where in the Montana, we have a continuous ducting system from front to back, we use a 2 inch by 8 inch insulated ducting system, which has radius corners because cold air does not like square corners.

Joe: Yep.

Chris: And that way it gives you that, consistency throughout, [Crosstalk 00:03:50].

Joe: It will stay even no matter what the temperature.

Chris: Because we’re using the dual zone thermostat, which you can set a seper-, a separate temperature in the family room, then a separate temperature in the front bedroom as well. And another thing I want to point out [00:04:00] also, when you talk about the radius ceiling, is it also allows me to give you more overhead cabinet space. Because as we know Joe, the Montana owners use these for extended amounts of time. They could use them for weeks and months at a time. Typically they’re not the buyer that leaves on a Friday, comes home on a Sunday so the first thing that’s really important to this buyer is interior storage. You can never have too much counter space, too much interior storage, so as you notice how they swing open Joe, is you can maximize your overall height.

Joe: Right.

Chris: A lot of your competitor use the flip up overhead, where you could only limited so much room that you can put in there.

Joe: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris: So it’ll give you maximized space. Also, talk about space as well also Joe, is we now offer 10 floor plans in the Montana brand. And also, on top of the 10 floor plans, 5 of the 10 floor plans Joe, you can get an 18 cubic foot residential refrigerator. On our 10 floor plans we have our standard 18 cubic foot RV Norco refrigerator, which runs on propane and short power.

Joe: And gas and that is a brand new, that is the brand new 18 cubic foot by Norco right there.

Chris: Brand new 18 cubic foot, where before we were using 12. So now, the 10 floor plans that offer the 18 cubic foot RV refrigerator, you also have the 5 that offer the 18 cubic foot residential with ice maker, so really Joe, at the end of the day you have 15 Montana floor plans.

Joe: And that’s, that’s great for the discriminating buyer that wants to spend a lot of time in their fifth wheel and travel, or even do a seasonal. You’re not running out of storage to put things, to put food, just great convenience items that, that really help this coach be separate from the others.

Chris: Also, when you talk about the kitchen as well too, is standard on the Montanas you have a 70/30 stainless steel sink covers.

Joe: Yep.

Chris: Stainless steel sink with sink covers, also you have a bi-fold stove top cover as well also. Because when you’re not using this [00:06:00] you can put it back on as additional counter space. 30 inch microwave, which is also a standard convection microwave.

Joe: Correct.

Chris: Some of our competitors out there may not offer a convection, but they also may, they also may, they also may offer it as a not a stand alone, maybe optional as well too.

Joe: And that’s, that’s just like you’d find in your house as well. You can bake in that, you can use it as a traditional microwave, but very residential. Once again, you’re into a coach that has a lot of residential stuff.

Chris: Absolutely, because you know, they want the residential feel because you know, this buyer, the Montana owner is on the road. You know, they’re gone for weeks and months at a time and this is their home away from home.

Joe: Yep.

Chris: And a lot of things we do as far as to make you feel at home is, is solid hardwood throughout, okay. Montana has been known for the innovative features, also the floor plans. You know, we have a lot of great floor plans like I mentioned, 10 of them and then the 5 with the additional, residential refrigerators and we’ll go through another one here in a few minutes. But we also talk about residential and with that, LED flat screen TV’s. All of our TV’s in our family room and our bedroom are on swing arms. Also, in the Montana we use the dimplex brand fireplace. It’s a top of the line, it’s a 5100 BTU fireplace. Some people have asked me about heat pumps. Remember one thing, heat pumps only force air out of the ceiling and they don’t work under 42, 43 degrees.

Joe: Correct.

Chris: So what the fireplace does, it runs on electric so you can save on propane, and that takes the chill out of the air. This will give you 20 to 30 degrees additional heat up to 85 degrees in the coach.

Joe: hi folks. We’re back in the, the master bedroom suite of the new residential living Montana. just there’s some, a lot of great new features that they’ve done, in these new coaches and I’ll have Chris go over a few of them. I’m noticing right away is the difference in the closet. It’s, they’ve [00:08:00] taken out the cabinet in the middle, they’ve given you a, room for a washer dryer, one on each side. also you still have plenty of hanging clothes, storage as well. Right behind Chris is a bigger window that they’ve put into the new residential living model.

Chris: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Joe: And also the seat here. That, that lifts up and there’s a hamper in there for your clothes so you have a dirty clothes storage I guess, huh?

Chris: Absolutely, out of the way.

Joe: Or you could use it for shoes or whatever else you want as well.

Chris: Sure.

Joe: once a-, also I see around the bed, when Josh goes around it. You put new stands in on each side plus the, the 110, uh hookups on each side too as well.

Chris: Sleep apnea machines are more and more popular.

Joe: Yes.

Chris: And Joe, what we’ve done is made these counter tops much larger, brought the 110 outlets up. Also, you still have those down on the side walls as well too, but this is very important for people here. Also, individual LED reading lights. We don’t have the map lights which get hot. These are brighter, last longer, and give off less heat.

Joe: And use less energy too, yep.

Chris: Absolutely. The new front wardrobe Joe, we were talking about, is all of our floor plans in the Montanas except for the front living room because of the washer dryer prep being in the kitchen in the 3720, 3721 RL …

Joe: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Chris: Which the washer dryer preps are in the hallway, all of our front closets you could put the washer on the right hand side and the dryer in the left hand side. All you do is just removed the middle shelves.

Joe: Correct.

Chris: As we know, less than 7% of all RVers actually use washer and dryers for, so for the 93% of the customers that we do have, it’s just more storage. Also, you have these hidden storages right here as well. Under here and then also you have that on the other side too.

Joe: Which, which you don’t see in other brands.

Chris: Correct.

Joe: Also, the cutout into the front cab, you can use that for folding clothes or for shoes, it’s kind of endless.

Chris: We were talking earlier about the radius interior ceiling that we had down in the family room. Also, the benefit, the major benefit it does here, it gives you up to 6 foot 8 head room.

Joe: Yes, and you are much taller than me, so … (laughs)

Chris: I’m 6 foot 6 so I have plenty of room up here to maneuver. Also, with the second air conditioning that we [00:10:00] is in our standard run, and this is a ducted second air conditioning and here’s your thermostat right here because you do have the dual zone thermostat.

Joe: Correct.

Chris: So you can set a different temperature up here in the night, during a different temperature during the daytime. Because you can also run this reverse effect also, in the daytime you can run this air, which feeds the entire coach and during the night time you can run the main air in the family room, which runs down through the whole length of the coach duct wise.

Joe: Now, now once again, the, the upper deck of this fifth wheel is insulated as well.

Chris: Absolutely.

Joe: a lot of them are not. This has full insulation underneath the, the decking of this to keep your R value, where it should be. You know, when it’s cold weather you won’t lose your heat through the floor of this.

Chris: We were talking a little bit ago also, your 32 inch bedroom TV, which is standard in the Montana and again, that is on a swing arm as well also. All of our TV’s are on swing arms. One thing I want to bring up also Joe, we were talking about convenience in RVing is, every window in our Montanas open.

Joe: Yes.

Chris: Okay, and the camp-, competition can’t say that. We’re, if we’re going to put a window there, we’re going to put it to where you can open it so you have that cross ventilation.

Joe: And with the exception of your slide outs on the ends of your slide outs, they are all, insulated safety glass windows and frameless, too. So they have a beautiful look on the outside.

Chris: if you look at attention to detail Joe, you can notice the hardwood door that we have here.

Joe: Yes.

Chris: And with that, a-, goes along with that, is our wood casing because we give you 3 inch interior walls.

Joe: You watch, we have a real, a real door, a real door header over this.

Chris: We have headers …

Joe: Correct.

Chris: Unlike the competition that doesn’t have headers.

Joe: Yup.

Chris: Okay.

Joe: And you can’t move it, and this, it is very sturdy.

Chris: 3 inch interior wall, so when you shut your doors it’s not going to shake the wall and it’s not flimsy. This is our new counter top design, wood look here where before it was a laminated countertop with much more storage and space with our deep drawers throughout. Once again, you can never have too much storage.

Joe: And full extension roller ball bearings, metal drawer glides.

Chris: Absolutely.

Joe: What’s, residential to hold up, to take the rigors of, of full time use if need be. [00:12:00]

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

Video Transcript for “2016 Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel Features (Part 2 of 2) (CC)”

Joe Vartuli: Hi folks, we’re back out here at the, the Montana Residential Living, the new Montana Residential Living Fifth-Wheels, Luxury Fifth-Wheels. Chris is still with us. He’s going to point out some great features, on the front cap, this, this new pin box, and some of the other great features that, that once again separate from the other stuff.

Chris Stender: Joe, our buyers tell us that there’s three characteristics to the Montana which sets the competition apart. The first of all is the MORryde pin box. Second of all is the aerodynamic front cap. And we’ll get around to the side we’ll talk about the MORryde suspension system as well, also. But I want to start with the MORryde pin box. What this allows you to do, Joe, is towing fifth-wheels when you’re accelerating and decelerating, you get what they call bucking and chucking.

Joe Vartuli: Yes.

Chris Stender: What this does is, this minimizes your bucking and chucking. It moves an inch and a half forward, inch and a half back, three-quarters of an inch right, three-quarters of an inch left, because it’s a rubberization system in the MORryde pin box. Rubber reacts faster than gases and fluids, so this minimizes that bucking and chucking.

A lot of our competitors use the large king-pin with the gas shock, with the bladder, that is just … Who knows how to work it? But all that is, is for vertical, but that’s what your tow vehicle’s for, is for vertical suspension. We got it right. We do horizontal up-front, we do vertical in our suspension, where our competition does it backwards. They do vertical in their kingpin, they do horizontal in their suspension, which we’ll talk about in a few minutes.

Also, with our aerodynamic cap, Joe, I can’t tell you you’re going to save two, three miles per hour. But you can take a look at it. It’s just the way it is. It’s what they call a European style aerodynamic front cap.

Joe Vartuli: Right. And then it’s cut in on the sides for your short box pick-ups as well.

Chris Stender: Yeah. We talk about turning radius, some of the competitors talk about [inaudible 00:01:56] turning radius. Actually, our front frame, Joe, there’s an actual [00:02:00] radius front frame, where your competitors, it’s a box frame, or it’s a forty-five degree cut frame. So our cap follows our line of our frame behind it. Also you have the hitch vision mirror. When you’re backing up, not only do you have your LED light here for night-time loading, but you have your hitch vision also which you can see from your tow vehicle as well too.

Joe Vartuli: Absolutely. That’s a great feature. It makes it easier on your neck when you’re hitching up in your fifth wheel.

Chris Stender: Absolutely.

Joe Vartuli: Also, automotive paint.

Chris Stender: Yes, on the new Residential Living Package in the Montana, we have a partial painted front cap which is standard. We’ve always been middle-of-the-road, neutral, non-confrontational, monotone. But in the Montana Residential Living Package, you have the partial painted front cap.

Also, we have your LED front lights which we were talking about in your control panel inside. You have one on the door side, one on the off-door side. People have told us that in campgrounds, if they’ve gone for a bike ride or a walk, they’ll put these on. That way they can see where they’re at a couple roads over.

Joe Vartuli: It’s certainly … They do stand out, that’s for sure.

Chris Stender: Joe, let’s talk about also your propane tanks. You have standard propane tanks … [cross talk 00:03:08]

Joe Vartuli: We have thirty pounds … Is the standard. Correct.

Chris Stender: Standard thirty-pound LP tanks. But here’s the big difference for a lot of your competition, okay. First of all, we have one on each side.

Joe Vartuli: Correct.

Chris Stender: Okay. The reason for that is weight distribution. Also, the reason we put one on each side rather than two, because your baggage compartment doors, Joe, are the same size and your pass-through storage is the same dimensions throughout. Where if I were to put two LP tanks on the off-door side, all of a sudden your baggage compartment gets much smaller plus your weight distribution is off.

Joe Vartuli: Correct.

Chris Stender: Another feature I want to show you is notice how we’re using the gas struts, okay. We don’t put clips up here that rust or corrode, and we definitely don’t put magnets up on the side of our Montana Fifth-Wheels, okay. Because I don’t want something to let go and hit me in the head.

Joe Vartuli: [laughs]

Chris Stender: [00:04:00] One thing I also want to show you as well, too, is part of our central vacuum system we were talking about inside Joe, remember we had the twenty-five foot expandable hose?

Joe Vartuli: Yes, we did.

Chris Stender: This is your exterior port, which goes right here, and that way you can sweep your pass-through storage, sweep your outdoor carpet, works sweet.

Joe Vartuli: Josh is showing you how big this really is. You can put a lot of stuff in there.

Chris Stender: Massive storage. And the reason for this is, Joe, is because we have what we call drop-frame pass-through storage. Because our twelve-inch I-beam frame on the Montana is standard, and your eight-inch I-beam is a drop-frame.

Joe Vartuli: Right.

Chris Stender: A lot of your competitors, when you’re on the outside, you think “Wow, that’s a lot of storage”, but when you open the door, you’re floor’s like elevated.

Joe Vartuli: There’s no hump, this is all flush all the way through.

Chris Stender: Absolutely, it’s a drop-frame pass-through storage.

Joe Vartuli: I, I do notice that’s a heat port, and so we have a heated basement.

Chris Stender: Absolutely. Right here, this is radiant heat. When you have your furnace on it is radiant heat, will heat your pass-through storage. Also another feature I want to talk about also, Joe, is what we call our friction hinge entry door, okay. I don’t have any plastic clips anymore that break.

Joe Vartuli: Thank God.

Chris Stender: Okay, so you’re not replacing them all the time. So it is a friction hinge entry door, okay. Another feature I want to show you also is what we call our new screen door. How many times customers have to open that up and then when they go back outside, they have to shut it again. So now from the inside, you just push that down from the inside now.

Joe Vartuli: Talk about convenience. I don’t know how many years people have been asking for a new, a new type of door, a new way to open up their screen door. That’s much, much better.

Chris Stender: We take this for granted, but you know there’s so many people that have four, five, six, seven, eight, ten year old RV’s that have never seen this. We have to be able to show that to the customer. Another standard feature, Joe, is your four-step entry. How many of our competitors are still using …

Joe Vartuli: Three steps.

Chris Stender: Our three step entry.

Joe Vartuli: Yup.

Chris Stender: Look how much more you have. I’m tall, and this is still a tall step for me right here. [00:06:00]

Joe Vartuli: Well, imagine if you’re elderly. It just, it’s much much better for you.

Chris Stender: With the fold-away handles. Once the door is shut, you have a nice large fold-away handle also. Our main awning, Joe, is a power awning, and it’s a two-position, and I’ll show you how that works, Joe.

Notice I’ll turn on the light as well, also.

Joe Vartuli: Ease of operation is terrific.

Chris Stender: I call this, this is two-stage power awning Joe, and I’ll tell you why. I can’t put it all the way out. Almost, okay. So let’s say you’re setting outside and it’s starting to rain hard, or let’s say the sun is dropping. All you do is just take this right here, and drop it, and just tighten this right here.

Joe Vartuli: So you can keep, you can have a …

Chris Stender: And the same with the other end.

Joe Vartuli: You can have a good pitch to it, like you said. Even if it’s raining, too, that’s another good feature.

Chris Stender: Absolutely.

Joe Vartuli: If, if you’re used to pitching your awning one way, the old style of manual awnings, you can still do this with a power awning.

Chris Stender: That way, what it does also is if it’s raining hard, you can drop it down. That way if it’s blowing you can still have your screen door on as well, too. This is our 3160 Rear Lounge Montana. This is our only Montana that gives you a second main awning on the outside, and that has lighting as well also. And this is also a two-stage awning as well, too. this is standard on the 3160 RL [cross talk 00:07:30]

Joe Vartuli: We’re pretty, we’re pretty close to the camper next to us, but you’re getting a good idea of how easy it does to work, how nice it looks with those LEDs, how it ties in with your entertainment center here.

Chris Stender: Thirty-two inch TV, again on a swing arm with an AM/FM CD/DVD player and a stereo as well, also. So, nice standard entertainment center on the outside with bus-style baggage compartment doors.

Joe Vartuli: Yes. More residential features for you: While you’re on the road, you want to be outside [00:08:00] watching NASCAR, you want to watch a ballgame, the kids want, want to watch a DVD … All these things you can do along with the storage and convenience the Montana offers you.

[camera cuts]

Joe Vartuli: We’re back over on the other side of the 3160 here. We’re going to show you the standard hydraulic six-point automatic leveling system. Chris is going to show you the control, the controller panel and just how it really does work. Once again, this will level you automatically. It takes all the guesswork out of everything.

Chris Stender: Joe, it’s as easy as a couple steps. First of all, when you’re backed into your spot, all you do is you hit the manual mode and then bring your front legs up. And what we’re doing right now is we’re lifting the front of it up to unhook it from your tow vehicle.

Joe, what I want to show you, part of the Residential Living Package which is new in the Montana, is we have what we call a solar panel prep. If you notice your compartment right up here, Furrion is the supplier that they do sell a portable solar panel which you can set outside your coach.

Joe Vartuli: Which we do offer to customers.

Chris Stender: And you can plug it in right here. That’s standard on all Montanas with the Residential Living Package. Another feature I want to show you, Joe, is the expandable ten-foot high-pressure hot and cold shower. We don’t use the white hose with the magic wand that you’re lucky to get your hair wet if you tried.

Also what this does is too, Joe, is if the people that want to winterize their own coaches, it’s very simple. Your winterize, your winterization system right here, you have your kit with a hose that comes down in your RV antifreeze. Once that’s in there, all you do is turn your water heater by-pass on, and then winterize, you turn that on. Winterizes the whole coach just for you.

Joe Vartuli: How easy is that? Instead of taking panels apart and everything else.

Chris Stender: Because your water pump is just on the backside so you don’t have to access your water pump. It’s one, two, three steps, done. Okay. Here’s your city water connection, which what we do, Joe, is we can run them up through the middle here, underneath here, run a hose [00:10:00], and that way it runs water into your coach.

Now, if you want to fill your freshwater tank, maybe before you hit the road, once your city water hooked up … See, it says tank fill power fresh, all you do is flip this lever right here, automatically fills your fresh water.

Joe Vartuli: Fills your fresh water tank.

Chris Stender: No more gravity filling in the back. I only have a vent now. So this fills much faster. Then also is your black tank flush here. What that does, it’s like a sprinkler system in your black tank. Because we all know when you dump your black tank, not all your debris gets let go.

Joe Vartuli: No, it can clump on the bottom, and this rinses from top to bottom for always a clean tank.

Chris Stender: If you don’t use your RV for a while you have a nice aroma when you walk in. But it’s a sprinkler system that sprays around, gets all the debris out of the coach. If you notice, also, our low point drains, Joe, why they’re in here. And the reason for that is, in the Montana product, our water lines are constructed in our floors. Our competition, your low point drains always come out underneath, but that means they run their water lines in their underbelly attached to the I-beam frame.

Joe Vartuli: And also I’m seeing your grey and tack, the grey, grey and black tank valves here, are also up on the inside and above the underbelly … [cross talk 00:11:08]

Chris Stender: And they’re straight out.

Joe Vartuli: … So they are insulated, correct.

Chris Stender: Your black tank is fifty gallons. Your grey tank is ninety-three, because you have a fifty-gallon for the bathroom and a forty-gallon for the kitchen. You always have your second grey tank lever. In this floor plan it’s located right here because of the cable system. We want to centralize it to the tank.

Joe Vartuli: Everything is on the inside. Nothing’s exposed on the outside of the coach where it can get broken off.

[camera cuts]

Joe Vartuli: Folks, I really hope you enjoyed this video from Pete’s RV today, and I really want to thank Chris Stender from Keystone Montana …

Chris Stender: Thank you as well, Joe. [shakes hand]

Joe Vartuli: … For training the whole staff, and showing us the great features and benefits of what the Montana’s really all about. go to our website, Look up our Montana page. Give me a call at Pete’s RV if you want some more information. We have some of the best pricing in the country and a great selection. Once again Chris, thank you.

Chris Stender: Thank you. [00:12:00] Appreciate your business.

Joe Vartuli: And hope you enjoyed it.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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Pete’s RV Team Gets Updated on Newest Keystone Cougar Features

June 1st, 2015 by scott | Posted in Cougar, Keystone, RV Buyer Tips, X-Lite | No Comments »

Gaining experience and knowledge of the many different products within the RV industry should be of the utmost importance of any RV dealer. Building both knowledge of and experience with product allows dealers to help their customers find exactly what they are looking for in a RV.

Pete’s RV Center was lucky enough this spring to welcome Keystone Cougar Representative Kevin Horoky to Vermont to lead a 2016 Couguar fifth wheel and travel trailer product training session for the sales team. Kevin went through all the new features included in new Cougar brand RVs, showing the sales team exactly why Cougar has been the best selling RV brand for the past fourteen years. Being able to bring in and learn from RV industry experts such as Kevin, who has over fifteen years of experience in the industry is something Pete’s RV Center prides itself on. Kevin began the product training session by saying, “Cougar is first.” He then went on to say that “FIRST” is an acronym for Fit & Finish, Innovation, Residential, Storage, and Towability.  Cougar prides itself in making these important attributes when designing and manufacturing their products.

Kevin provided an extensive walkthrough, showing the sales team why the Cougar brand is so special. During his presentationl, it became clear why Cougar maintains a fourteen year run at the top of their category. From top to bottom in the interior as well as on the exterior, the fit and finish of this new 2016 Cougar fifth wheel was truly remarkable. Cougar product manager Jeff Kloska stated, “With the growing popularity of RVs and the resurgence of younger buyers into the marketplace, the need for fresh, innovative ideas has become more important than ever.”

Per FIRST, Cougar prides itself on is innovation. One example is Cougar’s patented hitch vision.  Standard on all new Cougars, it allows owners to be able to hitch their RV without the need for unnecessary departures from the driver’s seat.  Kevin also could not stress enough about Cougar’s “residential” amenities.  From the 5 inch door pulls on the cabinets, industry-leading 35,000 BTU fireplace, and name brand Ashley furniture, Cougar coaches are truly a home away from home.

Providing best-in-class storage, is another huge consumer plus with Cougar.  There is larger pass through storage than industry standard, dedicated pantry space, and other clever uses of space, allowing you to store every last piece of your camping essentials.

One more feature worth mentioning is Cougar’s 78° turning radius. This newly increased turning radius allows easier towing in tighter campsites and parking areas.

Pete’s RV is a proud to be a leading North American dealer of Cougar fifth wheels, Cougar XLite fifth wheels, and Cougar XLite travel trailers.  Visit these pages for complete details and professional insights on these outstanding recreation vehicles!

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