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Fifth Wheel vs Motorhome - Reasons to Consider a 5th Wheel | Pete’s RV Quick Tips

May 1st, 2015 by josh | Posted in Fifth Wheels, Motorhomes, RV Buyer Tips, RV Sales | No Comments »

When it comes to full-time camping many are uncertain about choosing the right type of unit. The debate has always been, “do I choose a fifth wheel or a motorhome?”  RV Lifestyle Consultant Joe Vartuli discusses five key points to take in consideration, and why a fifth wheel might be a better fit on the Pete’s RV YouTube Channel.

1.  Interior Space/Ceiling Height. Typically, fifth wheels provide more living space, especially if equipped with multiple slideouts. Slideout widths are generally smaller in motorhomes to allow for people to move about the cabin, which produces less living space. Also factor in large interior ceiling heights in fifth wheels, and you’ll feel more at home.

2.  Furniture/Appliances.  Large size residential amenities provide that home away from home feeling, with optional items such as central vac,  solid surface counter tops, and also larger AC units, heating systems, and appliances depending on the model of fifth wheel.

3.  Storage. The combination of exterior and interior storage provides extra space to bring along any and all items. Because there is no engine or cabin, fifth wheels generally have large bulk head storage for bigger sized items.

4.  Towing vs Driving.  As Joe mentions, 80% of people end up towing along another vehicle behind their motorhome, whereas with a fifth wheel you always have a dependable tow vehicle with you, allowing you to easily unhook and travel wherever you would like. Either way, you will be towing something.

5.  Cost/Maintenance. Insurance plays a key role in cost for owning a motorhome because there are more moving parts. A fifth wheel can be up to 30% cheaper to insure than a motorhome. Plus, you have to factor in all general maintenance items like the chassis, tires, wheel bearings, brakes, compressed air systems, hydraulic systems, oil changes, etc.  Overall, maintenance costs will run higher for a motorhome vs a fifth wheel simply because of the mechanics and build.

As you can see there are many factors to determine whether or not a motorhome or fifth wheel is more suitable for you and your family. As Joe explains, fifth wheels will provide you with more livability, which is better for longer stays, and motorhomes may be better suited for quicker stop and go trips. We hope we shed some insight on the differences to help make your decision making more educated.

Pete’s RV Center is an extraordinary recreational vehicle dealer with locations in South Burlington, VT and Schererville, IN. An RV sales and service provider since 1952, Pete’s RV Center carries an extensive inventory of Keystone, Crossroads, Coachman, Heartland, Evergreen and Forest River RV-branded campers.  We can be reached at 1-888-902-9352.

Video Transcript for “Fifth Wheel vs Motorhome - Reasons to Consider a 5th Wheel | Pete’s RV Quick Tips (CC) ”

Hi, I’m Joe Vartuli, RV Lifestyle Consultant, here at Pete’s RV Center in South Burlington, Vermont. I’m going to do a little bit of a buyer’s tip here. We’re actually doing a Fifth-Wheel versus a motorhome. I want to give you reasons why you should consider a Fifth Wheel if you were thinking you were in the market for a motorhome and depending on how you use it, how the Fifth Wheel can benefit you, alright?

some of the few things that we’re going to go over in kind of this quick video is interior space ceiling height. If you’ll notice, I’m in a triple slide right now. This has tremendous amount of floor space in it. It has lots of storage everywhere. It’s all very usable.  also, the ceiling heights are incredible in the Fifth-Wheels. The, no matter how tall you are, you’re not going to hit the ceiling. It’s,  it gives you the feeling of space and openness, which a lot of people like.

a couple of the other things is the furniture.  some of our units have very, very plush furniture in ‘em. The Fifth Wheels, this unit here in particular has heated massage, theater seating, that actually has a power reclining in it. So it’s, it’s all right at your fingertips,  LED lighting and solid-surface counter tops.  frameless windows on a lot of our fifth wheels, fireplaces, central vacuum systems if they don’t come with a, with a Dyson already.

also Josh just showed you the full residential style of refrigerator, which is coming in more and more of the,  the high-midline and upper-end Fifth Wheels. Big appliances. This one has a 30-inch, over-the-counter Microwave that you can see, and we are in a Bighorn 3875 so I will mention that.  this is a, a front bathroom model, has a lot of great features.

But back to what we were talking about, otherwise I’ll keep rambling.  storage. You notice the cabinetry everywhere inside of here. So inside and out, Fifth Wheels give you a tremendous amount of storage. On the outside, you have pass-through [store 00:01:59] [00:02:00], which we can’t show you here, but tremendous pass, pass-through compartments. Drills, chairs,  blocks, whatever you need to put in there, even a s-, small refrigerator will fit in some of the,  the outside storage compartments on these units. So you can bring everything with you. All right?

Towing and driving. One thing with a Fifth-Wheel is you’re only going to have one motorized vehicle.  80% of motorhome b-, motorhome buyers will end up towing a car, maybe a trailer with a motorcycle in it, but they end up towing something.

This, you have a nice tow vehicle with you all the time, so you always have a good dependable vehicle.  once you’re unhitched at the campground you go to,  state park, wherever you are, you have a reliable unit that you can go anywhere with.

next thing is cost and maintenance. Insurance cost on this is, is a fraction of what a motorhome would be. So it’s, it’s a third of what an average, maybe even a gas-class A would be.  maintenance is very simple because it’s not another motorized vehicle.

You have your roof system to take care of, you keep it clean, you have your brakes and your, your axles. You keep your bearings lubed. And that’s not a whole lot more that you need to do with a, with a camper. A few other small items, but with another motorized vehicle, you have the chass, you have the oil changes, the transmission fluids. You have a whole other motor vehicle that you have to take care of. And the ins-, like I said, again the insurance is a big part of it. There is a lot more.

Also going back a little bit to the towing, if you have the right-sized pickup, mated to the Fifth Wheel that you want, you back in, you drop your tailgate, you stop into your hitch, you put up your power legs and away you go. It’s very, very simple.

a lot of people ask me when they come in during the week, you know, I, really want a motorhome because it’s, it’s, because I want to move a lot. We want to be going every one or two days here and there. It w-, the motorhomes will work terrific for [00:04:00] that.

That being said, if you want to do extended stays at any point, the Fifth Wheel gives you much more livability in it.  it will give you more space, more storage. Some of them have two bathrooms.  bigger furnace systems, bigger air-conditioning systems until you get into your really high-end level diesel pusher motorhomes.

In a lot of ways, we’re trying to tell you the Fifth Wheel will give you a great option if you’re willing to look at it. I hope you enjoyed this buying tip from Pete’s RV. My name is Joe.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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How to Choose the Proper Tires for your RV

April 22nd, 2015 by Phil | Posted in RV Maintenance, RV Service Tips | No Comments »

There’s nothing worse than getting caught out in the middle of the boonies with a blown out tire. This unfortunate situation can easily be prevented simply by choosing the right tires for your RV. Often, people will choose tires that are far below the load carrying capacity of their vehicle and simply cannot support the weight. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you choose the right tires for your RV.

ST or LT?

ST (Special Trailer) tires are designed specifically for vehicles that need to tow heavy loads such as trailers or boats. For self-motorized RV’s such as motorhomes or campers, LT tires are just fine, and are actually more popular as they have higher speed ratings. ST tires have a speed rating of 65 mph, meaning they are not meant to be driven faster than that designated speed. Designed with stronger sidewall technology, ST tires are made specifically for hauling heavy loads without giving out while cornering or turning. LT (Light Truck) tires are made with much more general specifications and can be driven at higher speeds. In addition to RV’s, other vehicles that generally employ LT tires include vans, trucks, and SUV’s.

Understanding Tire Measurements

Choosing the right tire size is essential for ensuring your safety on the road. Here are some common measurements to look for in a tire.


Section width is the measurement of the widest part of the tire’s inner wall to the outer wall. In a tire model number, it is the first 3-digit number and is expressed in millimeters.

Aspect Ratio

This measurement is also known as section height. It is expressed as a percentage of the tread width. For example, with this model number ST175/80-R13, the section height is 80% of the section width (175), for a section height of 140 millimeters.

Internal Construction

The letter following the aspect ratio in a tire name indicates the internal construction of the tire. Most tires will have “R” for radial construction. It is by far the most popular type of tire, representing 98% of tire sales.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is the measurement of the diameter of the wheel. In our example tire model number ST175/80-R13, the 13 measurement indicates that the wheel is 13 inches across.

Load Capacity

One of the most important measurements is the load carrying capacity of a tire. First, you need to weigh your vehicle to understand the full weight that will be supported on your tires. Make sure to weigh it with all persons and items that you will be traveling with on board, to get the most accurate rating. All tires come with a Load Index number, which correlates to the max amount of weight it can support. You can use a chart to figure this out, just remember to multiply that weight by the number of tires you will have on your vehicle.

Terrain and Climate

If you plan on driving off road or in snowy areas, you may need to get a specific type of tire that can handle difficult terrain.

A big thanks from Kevin Gallagher from Big Brand Tires for contributing this article to the RV Info Blog.  If you are in the Goleta, CA area and needing tires or service work on your auto or RV, visit his store. Super Yelp reviews!

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2015 Prism Class B Motorhome Features Video | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

April 17th, 2015 by josh | Posted in Coachmen, General RVs, Motorhomes, Pete's RV Video pReView, Prism, Product News, RV Buyer Tips | No Comments »

Whether exploring the countryside on a weekend getaway or transporting the soccer team, Prism gets you there in style. It’s the perfect marriage between experience, dependability and value from the Industry’s premier Class C maker with the economy and prestige of the Mercedes diesel chassis.

RV Lifestyle Consultant Joe Vartuli walks you through the grand features found in Prism Class B Motorhomes (using a 24J for the demo) including:

  • Aluminum Rims
  • Full Body Paint - Red Cobalt
  • Fiberglass Front Cap w/ Sunroof & Shade
  • Convection Oven
  • Queen Bed
  • Exterior Camp Kitchen Table
  • Power Awning
  • Slam Latch Trunk Doors
  • Mercedes Diesel Engine

Some additional features to “drive” you crazy over Prism class b motorhomes:

  • Roller Bearing Metal Drawer Guides
  • Front Sunroof w/Night Shade
  • Rotate/Recline 2-Tone Pilot & Passenger Seats
  • Generator
  • Powered Roof Hatch
  • Hardwood Cabinet Doors
  • Exterior Entertainment Center
  • Roller Day/Night Window Shades
  • Side View/Rear View Cameras

Be sure to browse all features and specifications for Prism class b motorhome floorplans at!

Video Transcript for “2015 Coachmen Prism Class B Motorhome Features (Part 1 of 2)”

Hi folks.  Joe back again on the inside of the 2015 Prism Coachman. Our new touring line of diesel vans that we’re carrying here at Pete’s.  both Indiana and Vermont I want to make sure you know that.  some things on this, you can see the skylight in the front here, and that has a nice shade that comes down to block the sun out in the, in the evening when you’re sleeping. But also it will slide right up, and now you have full natural light coming in. Same thing with this one here as well. You have two shades on this. You have a dark one, you also have one that’s just like a day shade, more of a screen.

a couple of nice features to let natural light in, that way your, your coach is not dark.  you’re going to look up in the front a little bit here Josh. You can show them  the cockpit area. And you can see the seats really, really are nice supple leather. Automatic transmission, full entertainment center and that, the  entertainment center here too as well has the back-up camera and so when you’re backing up it will show you, along with your side views as well. Well go right into that screen.

Airbags, both passenger and for the driver obviously, okay.  a couple of other things on the front you’re going to notice. This one has the u-shaped dinette in it. With it has seat belts built in so your passengers can come with you. Cup holders in the back. And as I’m working my way back here, this is your day shade, all right. It’s a roller shade so it’s much more durable than the old style they were using, the pleated blinds. And then you also have your full night shade right here.

All right LED lighting everywhere in this coach. It has a soft insulated roof system. It’s all ducted air conditioning. You can see the duct work throughout here. We’re going to go in the kitchen a little bit. Now actually I didn’t show you the,[00:02:00] there’s another entertainment center here, so besides what we showed you outside, there’s another flat screen [gents 00:02:04] in here. Along with the  the DVD system that is right here as well. And that is Bluetooth ready, so all the functions that you have on your, your portable devices will work in this.

solid surface counter tops, split sinks, residential-style faucets as well. You’re going to see, this is, this is a really neat feature, everybody complains I there’s no outlets. You have a pull up of two outlets here, plus two USB ports as well. Also light switch is up on the top, you’re always going to see a metal blind where your stove is or your sink, that way it, it, it’s a safety feature, okay.  cabinetry is deep, and they are Morrison Tenet Cabinetry. They’re pre-screwed, and put up.

Now I was talking on the outside of a supplemental heat system. This is a 15,000 BTU air conditioning system but it also has a heat pump in it. So on a day when it’s 50, 55, and you want to put some, you don’t want to turn on a traditional furnace in here, you would use the heat pump in this system. It will keep the coach fairly warm at a medium temperature okay. it’s not meant for 30 degree nights, but in the 50’s if you want to keep the coach a little bit warmer, you would use the heat pump on this. Just another, another supplemental way of, of  of climate control on your coach.

And, this one has the, you want to come over to this side Josh, to show them the other twin bed? So you have a little bit more of a full bed I should say in here. And this one has the upgraded Serta Mattress in it, a pillow top. It’s nice and thick, it’s very comfortable. And you can see similar storage throughout. You have a vent for ventilation over the top of the bed. I’ll open up the,  the bathroom here.  porcelain foot-flush toilets in all the [00:04:00] Prisms, along with glass  glass showers. Some may be angular, this one is actually though the square style.

Stainless steel laboratory sink in here, also your opening medicine cabinet. Shirt ward, you could put  other shelves in here too if you wanted to. There’s lots of storage. We have pillows in here for the  for the u-shaped dinette as well.  you have a pantry, three shelves. And the, show them the floor Josh. So you have it’s what we call a thick rubberized congoleum.  we call it the bow floor. It’s very cold weather crack resistant, it’s very easy to keep clean. It’ll last forever. It’s super durable.

another thing, full extension roller ball bearing drawer glides. Four-side wood, five-side wood, all the way out. Well we kind of hope you like this, this little more of an overview with this, on this, the, the 2015 Coachmen Prism.  once again we do equip our coaches with generators, heat pump systems, full body paint,  convection microwaves, two-way refrigerators. All those we do standard here at Pete’s. Call us for the best price you’re going to find in the East Coast or in Indiana. Thank you, I’m Joe with Pete’s RV and thanks for thinking Pete’s.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

Video Transcript for “2015 Coachmen Prism Class B Motorhome Features (Part 2 of 2)”

Hello, I’m Joe Vartuli, RV Lifestyle consultant here at Pete’s RV Center in Vermont. And we’re going to do a video on the Coachmen Prism Touring Van. this is a new product at Pete’s RV. We’ve brought something in that two people can travel with in comfort, bring guests now and then if they want to. very fuel efficient, a lot of fun to drive, and have some great looks on, great looks and features as well. I’m not going to do a model-specific on this. It kind of an overview of all of them, but you’re going to notice the aerodynamic front.

This one has the red cobalt blue paint but there are a couple of other options you can do with a full-body paint as well. all the coaches are going to have LED lighting. they’re going to have side view cameras, they’re going to have a rear camera, backup camera as well. a stainless steel wheel-liners. we’ll always bring them in with these options. I’m going to open up, the passengers door where you can see the cab, the cabin, and it’s very sporty.

You have a Mercedes Benz stick shift up here. also your, your stereo system, all-dash AC and everything along with your, your RV air conditioning that comes with it as well. These seats swivel, they tilt back, there’s a lumbar support. So they’re very, very comfortable. And once again I can’t stress enough how much fun these really are to drive. you wouldn’t think that it would be but, 24 feet on this Chastity is really a lot of fun. going to walk around to the side a little bit here.

All right we’re in a little bit of a tight area but see the LED the LED entry light on the outside? You have a nice black um, power awning on here as well. Full entertainment center on the outside, you have an LED TV, along with a stereo system. You also have Jacks here for you could put other, plug other speakers in, you can plug your iPad into it, your laptop, run Netflix through it, [00:02:00] whatever you want. It’s just another more modern-day feature that they’re doing now a days.

also a 20,000 BTU furnace, is a su-is the, the main heating system on this. There’s also a supplemental and I’ll show you that on the inside. we’ve been ordering our with the pull-out utility table. This folds up, slides right into this, this this compartment area. You don’t even know it’s here, but yet when you’re at the campground, you have a place for drinks, you have a place for food, whatever you need to use it for it’s here for you. And that’s built in. And also storage is great on all the the Prism models. Not just this one but all the Prism models, they give you ample storage, in a small touring coach.

All right we’ll go around to the back a little bit here. You have the wiring all set up and a, and a receiver, a class three receiver. you could tow, you could put a pod in here for more storage. You could do a, a bicycle rack, you could do, tow a small motorcycle trailer, a lot of different things you can do with it. And this Chasity will tow up to 3500 pounds, okay. Come around to the side, of course see the led auto style lighting.

And I’m going, we’re going to back up a little bit on the coach on the side. That way you can see how nice this paint really looks. So it is from top to bottom. Stainless steel wheel liners you can see it with the dual wheels in the back. You also have an outside utility shower, hot and cold water. And your black tank hookups are underneath that back storage compartment on this coach. They’re going to be different places on the other three models.

[00:04:00] All of ours come through with a 3.6 kilowatt Holman Generator, so you have your own power source all the time when you’re on the road. You don’t have to worry about hooking up, if you get stuck for a night and you can’t make it to the campground, you have your own power source to run everything in the, in the touring van. Come around to this front again Josh, and we’ll go on in to the inside. also slide awning packages we put on here, so over the tops of the slide outs, we put the awnings over it. And those are black kind of to go with the, the red cobalt that this coach has.

With those they protect the top of the slide out from debris, branches, pine cones, whatever, whatever you’re in the woods with, it won’t ruin your slide out seal system. It’s good protection.

The video of this presentation by Pete’s RV Center is available at:

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Forget Me Not…or Forget About It?

April 10th, 2015 by Phil | Posted in Camping Lifestyle | No Comments »

We campers always seem forget something when packing up for the weekend or vacation. Sometimes it’s a situation where we can buy another one at the campground general store.  Other times, forgotten items can’t be easily replaced, or it’s unreasonable to do so.

Make a list and check it twice, right?  We’d love to think those lists we’ve all written–some in excruciating detail–guarantee no items get left behind.  That’s a laugher!

Ever make a list compiling the items forgotten on your camping trips?  I did this once with interesting results. An experiment of sorts; when you realize you forgot something that was on your mind or your list to bring, start a new list. But here is the catch. Unless it in necessary, do not go buy it, go without it for this trip. After your trip is over and you made it back home safe and sound, look at the list of all the things you forgot or wish that you had brought. Now write down next to each item, what impact not having that item had on your trip. I think you will be surprised with the answers.

For example: I forgot our laptop computer one time.  I use it to download my photos of our adventures while camping.  I obviously did not run out and buy another one. I went without it. And after my camping trip, I found that the impact of me not having that laptop was very positive. Although I did not get to download my photos, I also did not spend a bunch of time looking at my e-mail, Facebook page and surf the news.  Refreshingly, I spent more time outside the camper, going for walks around the campground, at the pool or playing with the kids.

Another example which was not so family-friendly was forgetting the extra towels–leaving only three to share between the five of us.  Not wanting to buy more on top of the stockpile at home, we roughed it.  After each use, we hung them on the line to air dry for the next person.  It all worked out just fine AND I no longer forget to pack enough towels!

The kids learned something about forgetting things. Our little one forgot her favorite stuffed animal.  The one she sleeps with every night. “Oh no!” she said. “How will I sleep for three nights without it?”  She quickly discovered when the body is tired after a very active day of camping, sleeping was not a problem without her stuffed animal.

Food and grocery items are probably the most forgotten things when packing for camping trips.  However, there seems to always be a way to make amends.  One time we forgot the pancake mix.  No worries. We had eggs, flour, sugar, and milk to make the batter from scratch.  Same scenario when the kids prized Lucky Charms cereal went unpacked.  Mom whipped up an incredible fruit bowl and toast that the kids boasted as being the best breakfast ever.

Whether it’s batteries, bikes or bug spray, with a little ingenuity and creativity, there always seems to be a solution to work through a family camping trip forgotten item (mind you, we’re not ascending the Alps!). Better yet, it is amazing the outcome on so many of the items on your “forgotten” list that are truly non-essential and actually take away from the camping experience.

Provided by Chuck Lundberg. See more of what he and others are liking on the Facebook page!

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Another Successful Year for Big Change Roundup Fundraiser Supporting Vermont Children’s Hospital

March 15th, 2015 by Phil | Posted in General RVs, Pete's News, Vermont | No Comments »

RV Info Blog Editor’s Note:  For those of our Pete’s RVing community outside of Vermont, you may not be aware that for the past several years we provided a motorhome for the “Big Change Roundup for Kids”.  The following note is from coordinator Steve Pelkey with wonderful news on this year’s efforts to raise money for University of Vermont Children’s Hospital.  Way to go Steve and everybody involved with the event!  We’re pleased to hear “Bandit 1: The Pete’s RV Coach for Kids” once again made it through the frequently sloppy winter weather, allowing staff to arrive safely at their many scheduled stops over the last couple of months.

Hi Terry and Phil…

Another year of WOKO’S Big Change Roundup for Kids has come and gone…but not without making a BIG statement…$292,755.96 raised for the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital!!!

Last year we ended at $227,000…and trickled to $268,000 in the month that followed.  This years number will likely advance beyond the 300K mark!!!

The Pete’s RV Coach for Kids visited more schools, events, business’s, and individuals than ever…and indeed is the icon that cheers on Change Bandits in their events across the region.  In fact as more individual fundraising events are added to the calendar for “Big Change”…organizers almost always request an appearance from the RV…It makes a statement of big goals, and BIG success, helping sick local kids and their families.  Let’s see…a dart tournament, billiards tournament, a Big Change carnival, a Polar Bear Plunge, an Arctic Challenge, 2 Gymkhana’s, a couple spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfast, a Giant bottle drive…throw in a Zumbathon, etc….and you get a feel for some of the events the RV visits and lends support to.  Quite simply it’s “Publishers Clearing House”…make people feel part of something huge…and it will be!

We’ve even taken to RV-Bombing individual Change Bandits at home on the weekends…When we knock on their doors often they’re eating breakfast around the kitchen table…kids see the RV out front, Dr. First wishing them good morning and thanks for helping in the Big Change Roundup…blows em’ away every time!

Pete’s RV’s support has helped this event fund cutting edge, acute pediatric care…providing research, support, and services for children and families facing big challenges.  It wouldn’t be “Big Change” without Pete’s RV!!!

Thank you for your continued investment and support in helping local kids…and for being a great partner in The Big Change Roundup for Kids !!!

Thank you again!

Steve Pelkey

Operations Manager
Hall Communications Inc.

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Intern Scott Kliczewski Gives Thoughts on Time Spent at Pete’s RV

December 22nd, 2014 by intern | Posted in Pete's News, Vermont | No Comments »

pRV Blog Editor’s Note:  With all of the hip marketing agencies and technology companies nestled in Burlington, Vermont, it can be challenging to get college students to consider Pete’s RV for their senior internship.  But our program’s reputation continues to gain exposure since it’s inception in 2011, resulting in a terrific run of interns from UVM and Champlain College. The following summary was shared with Pete’s RV by Scott Kliczewski. He came to us from Champlain’s business program.

The time I spent at Pete’s RV Center this semester was invaluable to furthering both my professional skills in a business setting and overall knowledge of marketing. Coming into this internship I had very little experience of digital marketing and none with the RV industry. This internship allowed me to dive deeper into the marketing strategy of a successful business and gain valuable experience not available inside a classroom.   Since the internet has become such a large part of today’s world it is essential for businesses to build a strong online presence and maintain it with a well-designed digital marketing strategy.

In addition to marketing, it was extremely beneficial working closely with all of the departments within Pete’s RV.  I spent time with members of the sales team, service department and parts and accessories store gaining knowledge on how a properly run business operates. Interacting with customers during my internship at Pete’s RV was equally beneficial in understanding the importance of maintaining a high level of customer service.  I observed this first hand between Pete’s RV employees and their customers.  Either by phone or at the dealership, Pete’s RV does a really good job working out issues with customers and putting in the extra effort to send them away happy.

Internship bonus:  With confidence, I can now identify the differences between a fifth wheel and travel trailer (and many other RV-related facts)!

I would not trade my time at Pete’s RV Center for anything. I am very thankful to Marketing Manager Phil LeClair and the entire Pete’s RV family for giving me such an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. I look forward to going back to Pete’s RV this summer as a part-timer!

Students interested in an internship with Pete’s RV can apply via the Employment Opportunities page.

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2015 Cougar XLite Fifth Wheel Features Video | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

December 12th, 2014 by josh | Posted in Fifth Wheels, General RVs, Keystone, Pete's RV Video pReView, Product News, RV Buyer Tips, X-Lite | No Comments »

Expect more…Sacrifice nothing. With the all new X-lite by Cougar you no longer have to sacrifice good taste when buying a lightweight travel trailer or fifth wheel. X-lite shares your vision of beauty, elegance and towability with kitchens that really cook, magnificent master suites, full-sized slide outs, and bunkhouse models that can sleep up to nine people.

RV Lifestyle Consultant Chad Shepard and Sales Assistant Laura Chartrand meet up with Cougar rep, Kevin Horoky to indulge and stun you as they walk through the interior features found in Cougar XLite Fifth Wheels (using a 29RET for the demo) including:

  • Brand-Name Appliances & Furniture
  • Gas/Electric Water Heater with Quick Recovery
  • Residential Shower/Tub Surround
  • Hand Glazed Hardwood Cabinetry
  • Porcelain Toilet w/ Foot Flush
  • Cougar Camp Remote for Wireless Slide and Awning Operation
  • Optional Free Standing Dinette
  • Standard 8 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

Some additional features to make you swoon over Cougar XLite fifth wheels:

  • Polar Package for Year Round Camping
  • Fiberglass Front Cap w/ Docking Lights and Backup Mirror
  • Heated Underbelly Storage
  • Optional Frameless Windows
  • Electric LED Awning
  • Slam Latch Baggage Doors
  • Mor/Ryde Suspension
  • Electric 4 Point Leveling System

Be sure to browse all features and specifications for Cougar XLite fifth wheel floorplans at!

Video Transcript for “2015 Keystone Cougar XLite Fifth Wheel Features (Part 1 of 2)”

Laura: Hey guys! You’re watching Pete’s RV TV today. I’m Laura and this is Chad. We have a special treat for you. Keven Horokey is here from Cougar.

Chad: As you know Cougar, the number one selling brand in the world. We’ve got the factory rep here at our dealership today to tell you all about it. We’re going to go through the Cougar Xlite. This has all the new wood, all the new upgrades to it. We’re gonna go inside and outside, take you around, and tell you why this might be the best unit for your family.

Laura: Hey guys, welcome inside. I’d like to introduce you to Kevin Horokey, he’s our Cougar rep from Keystone.

Kevin: Hey, thanks guys. Appreciate you guys having me out here.

Chad: Yeah, Kevin’s all the way from Indiana. He’s made a commitment to come to Pete’s RV Center today to shoot our videos, train our staff. We’re very lucky to have him here. Kevin, we’re in a brand new 2015 Cougar Xlite 29RET. What is a Cougar Xlite?

Kevin: Well, a Cougar Xlite is a shorter floor plan than your regular regular Cougars, but it’s designed about 1/2 ton towability. So, what we do with our construction on this, it’s aluminum frame construction and then what we do with the roof is we make it a stamp steel roof, which will lighten it up a little bit for ya.

Chad: Yea, it definitely can, I mean this is 1/2 ton tow-able with plenty of space in here Laura. I think, I think we definitely have plenty of room in here.

Laura: Absolutely. Kevin you were mentioning we have upgraded cabinetry in here?

Kevin: Yeah. We redesigned our cabinetry, it’s now called cityscape cabinetry. You can see the design in it. What we did is we took the crown molding, you have crown molding up top and up bottom, so he dropped it from the ceiling, which is the new residential way to build camper.

Chad: You’ve got brand new lino in this as well. This isn’t, is this linoleum? I mean this is different than most campers have.

Kevin: Yeah. This is Beauflor linoleum. It’s laid throughout the coach and then, what the nice thing about Beauflor linoleum is it provides you 2 years against cold cracking.

Chad: And that’s warrantee-able. What’s these vents here on the floor we’ve got?

Kevin: Those are residential heat ducts.

Chad: OK, as opposed to having the drier hose hooked up to miscellaneous vents in the system, you guys ducted it right through the floor. That’s really nice, we don’t lose our cabinet space.

Kevin: Don’t lose cabinet space and then it also provides we have ducting underneath the coach, so it’s a heat enclosed underbelly.

Chad: OK, [00:02:00] so with that heated enclosed we get the extended use camping then?

Kevin: Earlier in the spring, late fall.

Chad: No doubt about that.

Laura: Looking throughout, you’ll also notice that we have upgraded furniture um in the Cougar. Cougar doesn’t doesn’t miss out on anything. They’re using brand name furniture. Couch is very comfortable. This is Ashley furniture underneath me there’s a tri-fold sofa. Chad, do you want to help me?

Chad: I sure can.

Laura: Open this up.

Chad: Kevin and I think that’s one of the catches that we have in the Keystone, the Cougar line specifically. We talk about that residential feel.

Kevin: Sure.

Chad: That residential quality.

Kevin: It’s the most residential unit out there on the marketplace. and we eliminated the customer complaints. We listened to our customers our drives our product. We got rid of all air mattresses or the standard (squeak) pull-out hide-a-bed.

Chad: Check this out I don’t think you can catch it in the video here, but we got storage, complete storage underneath here. You can put your blankets, you can put your stuff, sweatshirts, extra storage in there and these things are very, very comfortable. There’s no, none of them have that hard, that hard bar that goes across over yours.

Kevin: No, that’s why we use a name brand Ashley furniture in this, because it has the upgraded foam and cushion in it for ya.

Chad: Full size, Laura we could easily sleep two adults here and not a problem at all.

Laura: Mmmhm (affirmative) absolutely.

Chad: So, we’ve got a couple’s coach, but yet we have that extended stay, someone wants to come over for a couple nights, even a week.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: Can get around here no problem at all. No problem at all. Tell us a little bit, Kevin, we talked earlier about the roof on these. Tell us, well you said truss roof, tell, go into a little bit, ’cause not everybody’s using the same system you are.

Kevin: Yeah there’s a couple ways to build it, Brand X builds their’s with a wood roof. But, we wanted to lighten up our coach and it’s designed around a 1/2 ton tow-ability, that’s why we used an integrated a stamped steel roof system (metal click). And the nice thing about that is it’s a full walk-able roof and what else we did, Chad, is we incorporated our slides and their full walk-able slides as well.

Chad: So that’s something that seems to be new then, a full walk-able slide. That’s very important when we’re doing our roof maintenance every year, washing the roof, treating it.

Kevin: Absolutely. The way you know you’re not standing on the side of your roof, you know, with the broom. You can walk right on it and maintain it.

Chad: Nice. Nice.

Laura: There’s upgraded cloth lines in here as well.

Chad: You can see ‘em right here.

Laura: Easily pull down. Yep. [00:04:00]

Kevin: Those are your night shades only. They’re upgraded with the wood lambrequin’s up top, with the curtains on the side, so it prevent anybody from looking in your camper.

Chad: Yep, tinted safety glass on this too on the outside. We’ll get a better shot of that once we get to the outside …

Kevin: Yeah.

Chad: … Where we can point out those frame-less windows on some of this.

Kevin: Frame-less windows and it’s 80% tint, so it only allows 90% or 20% natural light to come in.

Chad: You got it. So, let’s talk a little bit about features. Pete’s RV Center’s a major buyer or Cougars. I like to brag and say we buy a ton of Cougars and we sell a ton of ‘em.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: Tell us, option wise. This unit is equipped right now with a fireplace in it.

Kevin: Yeah.

Chad: That’s not standard, that’s something that Pete’s RV Center options in.

Kevin: Right, you have the optional fireplace. The standard features, though, is your entertainment package as far as the large 32 inch LED TV, versus just a standard TV and then, also too, (pops) you have a blue tooth stereo for your entertainment center. You’re already hooked up with the outside speakers, so it’ll allow you to link your phone and control the, control your music that you want to enjoy. (Clicks).

Chad: Air conditioning - central AC in this Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah, it’s a central AC. It’s a 15000 BTU air conditioner.

Chad: That’s this vent right here, correct?

Kevin: Ducted all the way throughout through the bedroom.

Chad: OK. So, we get that family over, we want to have that privacy up front, we shut the door. It’s got a wood door that pulls across on the Xlite and yet we still have air conditioning and heat back here.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: Air conditioning and heat in the sleeping area as well, will let it out.

Laura, you were mentioning earlier, the the drawer glides is different on this than what you’ve seen in the past, maybe you can point that out.

Laura: Absolutely. you’ll see on these drawers, not only are they gonna have drawer glides in the kitchen, it’s throughout the entire coach. that’s something that you’re not gonna see in all those brands. You’re gonna see them obviously in the main living area, but Cougar does a great thing and they carry them throughout the entire coach.

Kevin: The nice thing about those, too, is they’re full extension ball bearing drawer guides, so they’re rated and tested or 50 pounds. So, per drawer, versus the competition which uses a single glide drawer.

Laura: Mmhmm (Affirmative). Absolutely. All that all your camping gear, you’re not gonna have to worry if your drawer’s gonna hold it. with Cougar there’s gonna be no issue with that.

Chad: [00:06:00] Tell us a little bit Kevin, brand new counter tops. I really like these.

Kevin: Yeah. The counter tops, this is part of the Executive package, where you get solid surface counter tops and frame-less windows. The best thing about this, though, is the solid surface counter top with your standard sink cover, then you have a high rise faucet with metal stainless steel under mount sink. Along with the stainless steel package as far as your oven and your microwave.

Chad: Those are, those are nice sinks. I mean, they’re not shallow sinks. These are deep sinks for heavy wash.

Kevin: It’s a deep bowl sink, 50/50 on each, so.

Chad: I mean this is just really cool, I look at that. I mean just the doors (slam).

Kevin: Another thing that we do too, Chad, is we offer you the 8 cubic foot refr standard in all Cougars.

Chad: Yep.

Kevin: So, you’re competition’s using the 6 cubic foot refr.

Chad: Laura can you open that up for us. It, what’s the difference between an 8 and a 6, I get this all the time. I had never been to an RV show and not have everybody open the fridge. Everybody opens the fridge every time. We’ve got 4 shelves and 4 door caddies on an 8, right?

Kevin: Yes.

Chad: And it’s 25% increase over a 6 cubic foot. I mean, it’s an incredible amount of extra storage. (Double click). Amount of space there.

Kevin, one other thing I want to point out, saw, we have real wood kitchen table on this.

Kevin: We have a real wood kitchen table and it’s a smart slide table, so it’ll slide back and forth to allow customers to get in enjoy their meal, and then also too we talked about storage and the residential feel of it, you also have storage here underneath all your dinette chairs.

Chad: Yeah. Plenty of storage here, and I noticed all the pocket screws. Let’s talk about how we build cabinetry. Keystone does it right, the Cougar does it right. We’ve got all pre-drilled cabinetry instead of staples.

Kevin: Pre-drilled and screwed cabinetry and then when it goes through lamination process, we use EGS backers throughout, so we’re not just trying to guess where we’re screwing into. It’s going to be secured all the way through.

Chad: OK, that’s a great point and a lot of people don’t realize it, why is that trailer … Cougar is not the cheapest trailer in the RV industry, without a doubt. I can tell you that. ‘Cause I buy a ton of ‘em.

Kevin: Sure.

Chad: We get a great deal on ‘em from Keystone, but we’re comparing stuff. We look at cabinetry. We look at things like construction, using the better flooring as well.

Kevin: Better flooring, residential duct work, all the way through, residential heat ducts versus plastic. The biggest thing, when we’re talking about the cabinetry [00:08:00] are the 5 inch door pulls. If you look at the cabinetry, it’s cityscape cabinetry, no one is doing that in the marketplace. We give you the residential door pulls versus the 3 1/2″ or just the knob and the we took it one step further and added in the stainless steel package for you guys.

Chad: Perfect. It is really a nice touch.

Laura: Kevin, as soon as you walk in this trailer, you notice how bright it is. LED lights throughout?

Kevin: LED lights throughout, it’s a new feature for us on 2015, but it’s standard. The nice thing about the LED lights too is they’re controllable. You can turn them off or you can just have one come one, versus the traditional pancake lights where it’s just on and off.

Chad: Yep. For a short guy like me, that’s probably maybe even on our remote wall switch as well?

Kevin: Correct. You have your, your central docking station up up front, your command center and you have a light that will control all your ceiling lights for you.

Chad: So, just real quickly, what is the Executive Package, Kevin? You mentioned it earlier.

Kevin: Yeah.

Chad: Just so that no one’s confused about what this is.

Kevin: The Executive Package gives you the feature of solid surface counter tops and the outside of your coach is frame-less windows.

Chad: And that’s on any camper that any Cougar travel trailer or fifth wheel?

Kevin: Correct.

Chad: OK. So the dealer, if you want to know … Otherwise it would come with a laminate counter top?

Kevin: It would come with just a standard laminate counter top and then regular windows, not frame-less.

Chad: OK. And it - I mean it’s, for me it seems like it’s good value for those few extra features.

Kevin: Yeah. The nice thing too is you get a undermount sink versus a top mount sink that’s stainless steel.

Chad: You got it. So just on more thing here, before Laura shows us the bedroom up front. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in the industry in a long time. It is a Cougar remote. I think you guys invented this feature. What’s nice about it is you can back your truck up to this camper and not have to get out of your truck and you can life the landing gear up and down on the front.

Kevin: True.

Chad: So, there’s, Kevin tell us what features does this offer?

Kevin: The features this offers is here, basically, the remote will control your electric four point level up system, which is standard on our Cougar Xlite fifth wheels.

Chad: OK.

Kevin: Will also control your slide mechanisms, all three of them. This is a triple slide unit. It will control your lighted LED, power awning, and will control your scare light. So virtually, you could set up your camper without ever walking into it.

Chad: Check this out. I’ve got this set on slide [00:10:00] number 2 right now and what we can do is we can do something as simple as put the (Click/Creaking). Oh, I’m putting it out. You can (whirring hum) put the slide in by just pushing a button. What the benefit to that? I mean we got outside, we’re not sure how close we are to that campground post. We’ve all been there. You know, campsites … Trailers are getting bigger, campsites are getting smaller, so it gives us that added feature. Plus, we can go up on the roof, clean it off on our last night.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: Run it in and out (Whirring hum). How cool is that? (Click/Creaking). Really nice. Tell me, you’d mentioned earlier in our training today this right here, this molding or what we call special.

Kevin: Yeah. That’s your slide out fascia. What we do is we use a true hardwood slide out fascia, versus just a faux wrap fascia or fabric. So, we want to tie it in, we talked about the word “residential” 10, 15 times through our shoot, but this is the most residential unit on there. That’s why we keep this a true hardwood fascia, so it ties right into your cabinetry.

Chad: Yeah. Looks really nice. Upgraded chairs as well here.

Kevin: Upgraded chairs, those are Ashley brand furniture as well.

Chad: Cool. Well, let’s do this. Laura’s gonna take us … I got a ton of stuff I want to go look at on the outside. Laura’s gonna take us up to the front bedroom. She’s gonna show us all the space, remember guys this is 1/2 ton tow-able with all this room in here. She’s gonna show us, take us through the bathroom, take us through the front bedroom area and we’ve got a slide out in that bedroom area, which we don’t find on a lot of 1/2 ton tow-able stuff. So, Laura, why don’t you take ‘em up there if in a minute and me and Kevin’ll meet you outside.

Laura: Absolutely. Sounds good.

Hey guys, I’m gonna show you the bathroom and the bedroom in this Cougar Xlite. First thing I want to point out, the first thing you’re gonna notice when you walk in the door is the command station right here. Everything that you need is gonna be right on this one panel. Your slide outs in and out and all your light switches are gonna be right here. You’re not gonna find the bedroom slide in the bedroom. It’s all right here. It makes it easy for you. mmmK. I’m gonna take you in the bathroom. Plenty of room in here. You can get two people in here, no problem which I like. I like a lot of room in the in the bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning. you’re gonna see the oversized sink, which is great. You’re not gonna see that in a lot of trailers, but again [00:12:00] Cougar does things awesome, they make it very residential for you. . Oversized medicine cabinet as well. There’s gonna be a shelf in the middle as well, so you can put all your stuff you can organize it, which is nice something that I like a lot. There’s gonna be an outlet right here, blow-drying your hair, women I I know you need as many outlets as possible. Also, one thing you’re gonna see in the bathroom that Cougar does is they have towel hooks. There’s one right here. There’s one right on the other side of the door. A lot of people have to put that in after the fact, but Cougar does it for you. You’re also gonna have a nice big oversized glass shower. there’s going to be a skylight above the shower as well that’s gonna let in some extra light. You do have the LED lights in here also, but the skylight adds some extra light. also there’s gonna be a power vent fan in here and going along. As I mentioned over and over again, Cougar is very residential. They’re gonna have a upgraded porcelain toilet just like the one you have in your house. Josh if you want to follow me around in the bedroom. Plenty of room in here also. The first thing you’re gonna notice there is a slide out in here. But it is the wardrobe slide, so it’s not gonna take away any of the room on the on the any side of the bed. You can get on either side, which is really nice. You’re gonna get that extra storage in here. there’s a clothes hanger in here, you can hang all your clothes. It’s nice. You’re gonna get also storage over there and then coming up over here. I didn’t lie to you guys when I said before that Cougar carries the ball bearing drawer slides over here as well. It’s not only in the living area, it’s gonna be in the bedroom as well. these are gonna hold up to 50 pounds of weight. You’re gonna get an outlet up here. You can charge everything and my favorite part about this Cougar bedroom is Cougar has their own brand of mattress. It’s the Cougar orthopedic series. It’s very comfortable. You’re not gonna have to drop another $500 on upgrading the mattress in your trailer. it’s very comfortable. You’re [00:14:00] gonna get a great night’s sleep on here. I know I love to sit on it. It’s very comfortable. You’re gonna see there’s a lot of room in this bedroom. you can see why Cougar is the number one selling trailer. Pete’s RV sells tons of them. People come from all over the country to come look at our trailers and we stock a ton of Cougars and we sell a ton of Cougars. Let’s head outside and catch up with Chad and Kevin and we’ll go through the outside of the trailer.

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Video Transcript for “2015 Keystone Cougar XLite Fifth Wheel Features (Part 2 of 2)”

Laura: As you can see, the outside is just as pretty as the inside. You’ll see first thing, a big, solid front fiberglass cap. This thing is solid. it’s a full, one piece fiberglass cap. It’s going to wrap around. There are no seams, on this cap whatsoever. It’s also going to come with the Cougar patented in-, Hitch Vision. Is that right, Kevin?

Kevin: That’s right. Yeah. W-, we have a patent on it. And the nice thing about this is you can use your rear-view mirror, [back 00:00:30] right up into your camper, and then you have the LED light backing center here for you.

Chad: So this is where we jump right in with our remote. When we’re backing up our truck, you know, we can look in the mirror, we can raise and lower our hitch height here so we don’t have to get out of our truck and come outside and push buttons anymore.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: Great use of unhooking and hooking up. Makes it very, very easy to use.

Laura: You also notice on the front, you’re going to see this big storage compartment. Again, we talked about it inside, Cougar, wins the DSI award nine years in a row. One of the reasons that they do this is, the seal on this. Is that right?

Kevin: That’s right. What you have here is you have an automotive [bump 00:01:05] seal here. That’s going to protect anything from coming inside your compartment door.

Laura: And nice big storage, compartment up here as well.

Kevin: Laura, as we’re talking about the front cap, would it, I wanted to point out to you guys is that the front cap, it’s one piece and it’s seamless, and it bends around five inches to the side so nothing can get inside of it. In addition to that, we walk right into the colored sidewalls, all right, so colored [inaudible 00:01:28] sidewall. And then we have the exterior windows which are frameless. That’s part of the executive package that we discussed earlier.

Laura: Exactly, yeah. You also noticed the, electric awning right here. That’s going to be something else that’s controlled by the Cougar remote as Chad was demonstrating inside with the [slideout 00:01:43]. the nice thing also is there’s going to be an LED lightstrip right underneath the awning. It’s not actually attached to the awning, so when you slide it out, you’re not going to have to worry about it. It’s going to be on no matter what, even if the awning’s not out.

Kevin: Yeah. The nice thing about it is even in the end position, you can use that as a back lit [00:02:00] …

Laura: Mmhmm.

Kevin: … so when you’re walking up to the camper at night, you have your exterior scare light. You have your lighted LED awning. You have your porch light. And then what we added for the customers is the light at the entry step. And the nice thing about that is when you walk into the coach, and you have the large folding assist grab handle.

Laura: Yeah, absolutely. I know. It’s nice to have, the lighted steps, for sure.

Kevin: One more thing we want to talk about, Laura, is the slam latch baggage doors. You have a magnetic catch up here, so no reason for a clip that can break.

Laura: Right, exactly.

Kevin: And then you can see the large pass-through storage. And we also give you guys an outlet out here with a, with a cable jack.

Laura: Mmhmm. So plug in any outside TV, any string lights, anything that, that you want to put on the outside.

Kevin: Absolutely. We talked again about the automotive [ball 00:02:45] seal …

Laura: Mmhmm.

Kevin: … here. And then when this latches …

Laura: Slam latch.

Kevin: … it’s that easy.

Laura: Beautiful. Love it.

Kevin: Hey, let’s walk around to the other side so we can show you that.

Laura: Perfect.

Chad: One thing that separates Cougar from the competition is its upgraded suspension system and the level up system. I think guys, we can agree that … Kevin, go down, show us what that’s all about. Tell us why Cougar’s leading the industry on these items.

Kevin: Yeah. What we added was an electric four point level up system on your X-Lite fifth wheels and your regular Cougar fifth wheels. As you can see back there, it’s going to be a four step process where it’s going to be a automatic leveler, so no more need to crank down the jacks anymore. Talking about towability as well, Chad, is what we have is fifteen inch aluminum wheels. And then we added the Mor/Ryde suspension which is the CRE 3000 which is going to allow you for three inches of vertical travel which will eliminate a lot of the [trucking 00:03:32] that you’re going to have going up and down the road.

Chad: You got aluminum wheels on this as well, so the advantage of the aluminum wheels, lighter, then they keep the bearing and breaks cooler as they’re traveling, and plus they look really nice as well too.

Kevin: Yeah, versus a steel wheel.

Chad: You got it.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: And Cougar does it right. The level up system, the extra suspension, and that’s what set you guys apart from the competition every day.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Chad: So let’s move up here a little bit. There’s a couple of nice features up here Laura can show us in this front storage compartment as well.

Laura: Absolutely. Kevin was talking about, the stabilizer system, [00:04:00] the electric stabilizer system. That, again, can be controlled with your Cougar remote. If you don’t have your remote and you’re outside, the control system for that is right in there on the driver’s side.

Chad: Yeah. And it’s important that it’s on the driver’s side, right Kevin?

Kevin: Absolutely. It saves the convenience for the driver to get out and just come to the side of the coach instead of walking around the whole unit.

Chad: Once again, we have these slam latches with the magnetic holders. They just do it right. We look at other brands out there, and they’re going to be rusted. They’re going to be worn out after a couple of years. Cougars, we talked about that, thirteen, fourteen years of people buying Cougars every year. It’s the name brand in the industry.

Well guys, Kevin, thanks for coming …

Kevin: Yeah.

Chad: … out to our dealership.

Kevin: Hey, thanks for having me out. Thank you Laura.

Laura: Thanks Kevin.

Chad: And just remember, Pete’s RV Center we want to earn your business. We have a location in Vermont and Indiana. We specialize in the Cougar fifth wheels and travel trailers. We’d love to earn your business today. Come by. If you don’t price us, if you don’t price your unit from us, you’re going to pay too much for your next Cougar.

Laura: Thanks for watching Pete’s RV TV today. We hope to see you in one of our dealerships soon.

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