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Archive for July, 2011

Walmart App Guides RVers to Overnight Parking

July 27th, 2011 by Phil | Posted in RV Service Tips | No Comments »

For the most part, RVers new and old are aware that a number of Walmart’s thousands of locations in the United States and Canada offer a complimentary night’s stay for their weary bones. The challenge is determining which ones allow, or do not allow overnight parking. removes such guesswork with their Walmart Overnight Parking app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Well worth the $1.99 (we’ve been using it as a logistics tool for our North American Delivery Program), the Walmart Overnight Parking app is searchable by location and provides remarks from those who actually stayed there. In reviewing this app over the past couple of weeks, we were pleased to see that there are continuous updates on the addition or withdrawal of participating Walmart stores. You can imagine how frustrating it would be to pull into a lot after a long, tiring day only to be turned away. Another nice feature is the ability to toggle an advanced search for Walmart locations with pharmacies, groceries, diesel refueling, or open 24 hours.

If you do not have a smartphone, the website does provide basic information and updates on overnight parking at Walmarts in the United States and Canada.

If internet access is a no go, Walmart Atlas, Second Edition (Roundabout Publications) is available in paperback for under twenty bucks.

Give the Walmart Overnight Parking app a spin!

In the News: RV Campers Become More Popular

July 6th, 2011 by Phil | Posted in News | No Comments »

(Pete’s RV Info Blog Editor Note: The following news article and video clip was originally posted 7/4/2011 on In the story, Pete’s RV sales team member and provides commentary on the growing popularity of family camping and RVing. The story took place at wonderful Lone Pine Campsites in Colchester, VT.)

For many Vermonters and others, camping is a habit that’s popping up more often.

“I think folks are tending to, uh, stay closer to home, still get their vacation in but just not travel as far,” said Jon Tyner, the manager of Lone Pine Campsites.

The RV Industry Association reports that for 2011, through the month of May, manufacturers are showing a 13% increase over shipments last year by this time.

Pete’s RV salesman Bob Monty added, “We try to understand it and talk to other people in other parts of the country, other dealers, and they just say people don’t want to travel as far anymore. People don’t want to stay in a hotel, it costs a fortune.”

At Lone Pines Campsites in Colchester, the number of camping enthusiasts interested in that comfortable outdoor experience — closer to home, seems to be growing.

“This summer here, I think we’ve had a significant increase with people booking an RV vacation,” said Tyner.

But, it’s not just about staying closer to home for RVers, it’s about having the comforts of home closer to family. With thirteen grandkids to visit, Janet and Maurice Lambert, now retired in Florida, come back home every summer.

“We were over in the middle and we came back over here onto this lot here, so this is actually our 37th year,” said Janet Lambert, “Our kids are all up here, we have our family and they’re all here.

RV campers say they get a better quality vacation than a typical hotel stay. They say it’s cheaper than owning a summer camp in the area. Along with a swimming pool, kids activities, and a store on location, RVers say the social aspect is a big draw. Lambert is making new friends.

“They were playing grunt down here one day and I stopped and watched them, and they said, you want to play, I said sure,” she said.

It’s a game similar to horseshoes.

Lambert explained, “We play grunt a lot. My husband, he can’t throw horseshoes, so, this is the game for us.”

So for these RV campers, in the game of life, home is where you park it.

SmartFuel App Saves RVers Money on Gas

July 2nd, 2011 by Phil | Posted in Fuel, RV Service Tips | No Comments »

There’s no doubt the price of gasoline is always a concern with RVers. Whether making a cross-country journey, jumping around to different campsites, or even staying put in your favorite seasonal spot, you want to get the best price on gas.

Thanks to the dawn of smartphones, we now have access to a gazillion apps that can do everything from help us tie our shoes (just kidding, but seems like it!) to saving you money on gas.

The SmartFuel app was created by Iridium Development and is currently available for iPhone and iPad users via download from the iTunes app store. According to their website, they are working on a compatible app for Android and other smart devices. There is a free 30-day trial and respectable six or 12 month usage fee option thereafter.

To calculate fuel cost savings, there is some initial tweaking required to adjust your tank size and usage rate, but for the most part the app is easy to use. Especially if you just want to find the nearest station with the cheapest gas. We gave it a shot, and lo and behold, the best price was at a station we always figured to be expensive!

The SmartFuel app pulls in real-time pricing for more than 130,000 gas stations from the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) database. With a million updates daily from the database, Iridium claims that the app is highly accurate. They further state that inaccuracies occur only when a gas station’s procedure fails to update pricing to the OPIS.

Besides finding the cheapest price on gas, the app also features station cleanliness ratings, trip customizations, and bookmarking settings for your favorite RV refueling (and even potty) stops. Give the SmartFuel app a whirl!